October 2009

Advice on Getting into the Racing Industry

Lime Rock Park had the recent good fortune of being asked to attend a “Career Day” fair for a local high school. Local businesses and various industry associations set up booths in a big hall so that freshman and sophomore kids could find out more about career paths that they have an interest in. Lime Rock was there to answer questions about how to “get into the racing business.”

First Time: Rolex Daytona Prototypes at Lime Rock

First Time: Rolex Daytona Prototypes at Lime Rock

Grand-Am DP/GT race scheduled for Monday, May 31, 2010

LAKEVILLE, Conn. (Oct. 10) – For the first time ever, Grand-Am’s Rolex Daytona Prototypes will race at Lime Rock Park. At next year’s traditional and popular Memorial Day event – Monday, May 31 – the Rolex Sports Car Series DPs and GTs will be showcased in a combined-class race.

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