April 2017

Lime Rock Turns 60

April 28, 1957, Lime Rock's very first races
It was a special day when Lime Rock Park held its very first races. More than 6,000 fans travelled the winding, tree-lined country roads of Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts to bear witness. And have a great time... It was April 28, 1957...

Now here we are, April 28, 2017, 60 years later.

Pirelli World Challenge "SprintX" Makes its Lime Rock Debut

Lime Rock Park’s first major spectator event of the year is the Pirelli World Challenge GT series, Friday and Saturday, May 26 and 27. Of the 2017 championship’s 11 race weekends, just five were “hand-picked” to enjoy its exciting SprintX format – including Lime Rock.

So, what is SprintX?

It all began 60 years ago...

April 28, 1957. A race track hidden in a verdant valley of Northwest Connecticut opened its gates to the public for the very first time. A man named Vaill had turned a used-up gravel quarry and a potato field into one and a half miles of tarmac, seven uniquely connected corners that promised high speeds and rhythmic flow to drivers capable of meeting the challenge. Lime Rock Park had been born – and changed, literally and figuratively, the landscape of American road racing.

100,000-mile street car tire will have the traction of a race slick

To be developed on Lime Rock’s 1.5-mile, 7-turn track... A tire company has signed a deal with Lime Rock Park to test and develop a passenger car tire that finally meets the demands made by millions of car owners over the past century: A tire with a guaranteed tread life of 100,000 miles that also has super amounts of braking, accelerating and cornering grip. Gustav “UTQG” Vredestein, the lead engineer for the tire manufacturer that wishes to remain unidentified at this point, said, “We can’t believe this tire hasn’t been designed and produced yet.

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