August 2017

Some last-minute info just confirmed...

Some last-minute info just confirmed for Lime Rock Park Historic Festival 35 Presented by the Prestige Family of Fine Cars, September 1 - 4

Honored Guest Richard Attwood will also be, to coin a phrase, an Honored Driver at HF35, racing this Revs Institute GT40 in Group 9 on Saturday and Monday. Attwood is also doing demo laps in the only existing 1966 Holman-Moody GT40 Mark II roadster

If you’ve not yet heard...

Lime Rock Park is throwing a party. A big, exciting one, on the evening of Saturday, September 2, during Historic Festival 35 presented by the Prestige Family of Fine Cars. We are throwing this party to not only celebrate 60 tremendous years of tradition, beauty and speed at Lime Rock Park, but to also kick-off fundraising for the exciting “Legends of Lime Rock” commemorative area in A Paddock. We’re calling it the “60 Year Celebration” – and you’re invited!

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