October 2017

F1 Review at The Ridgefield Playhouse Offering First Dibs to Lime Rock Fans

The Ridgefield Playhouse, a friend of Lime Rock Park, asked us to send this info to you now, because "F1 in Review" always sells out – and Lime Rock fans should get first dibs, right?


INSIDE F1: 2017 Year in Review
with Leigh Diffey, David Hobbs and Steve Matchett

New Autocross Lapping Day Added for October

Autocross drivers,
Due to popular demand, Lime Rock Park has decided to include an additional Autocross Lapping Day program to our October schedule. The new program will be on Saturday, October 21st, 1:30 - 6:00 PM. This will be the LAST program available for the Summer Autocross Series, and thus, the last opportunity to better your time and qualify for the Autocross Invitational Shootout that will be taking place on October 28th.

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