How Do I Get On Track?

The question we hear the most at Lime Rock Park is this... “How do I get on track?”
Well, the cool thing is, there are actually many answers. From car club and driving organizations to racing schools and race series – and even the private Lime Rock Drivers Club – you have choices in how to drive, lap or race on this famous 1.5-mile track.

Program Options

Want to participate in an open lapping day on our autocross? Click here!
Want to get into amateur racing? Click here!
Want to drive Lime Rock in your own street car? Click here!

Want a “Track Day” driving your own car, coached by the instructors of the private Lime Rock Drivers Club? Click here!
So you see, it’s not as difficult as you might think to experience the thrill of driving Lime Rock Park. After you do, be sure to tell us what it was like!

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