Internship Program

The Lime Rock Park Internship Program is geared toward high school and college graduates who love cars and road racing and have the desire to learn some of the fundamental business, marketing, hospitality and public relations aspects of the fast-paced sports industry.

Why does LRP want an Internship Program at Lime Rock Park?  

  • To find highly motivated pre-professionals to help organize, promote, and bring new perspectives to the 2014 Lime Rock season.
  • It’s not slave labor, but mutually beneficial partnerships - Interns will gain valuable field experience in career paths, professional contacts and mentors in an exciting and unique market.

As an unpaid Lime Rock Park Intern, you'll have "behind the scenes access" to all major Lime Rock Park race weekends and enjoy the benefits of working closely with Lime Rock Park managers - including networking opportunities, off-site events, referrals and more.

"There is no place better than the Driver's Club at Lime Rock to develop an overall appreciation and understanding of both track and business functions. Being an Intern at Lime Rock not only offered me the first hand exposure I was looking for in a unique business that I loved, but also allowed me to pursue my passion for racing, leaving me with great on and off track experiences, thrills, memories and friendships that will remain with me long after the racing season ends." - Mike Briskie, 2009 Intern for The Club at Lime Rock Park

“An internship at Lime Rock Park gives you a great understanding of a business, but most importantly teaches you how to be part of a team.  The fast paced action of a race weekend and the hard work that leads up to an event creates a setting where working as a team is crucial to success.  If you are successful at this, there is nothing more satisfying then looking across the track on a crowded race weekend and not seeing a free patch of grass on the hillside.  Lime Rock Park has given me skills, friendships, and many memories that will last a lifetime.”  - Mike Siepmann, 2007 Marketing Intern

Available Internships...

Sports Marketing

Assists in executing marketing, promotions, off site events and at track fan relations
Assists in researching new marketing initiatives
Produces materials necessary for off sites and major spectator events
Actively contributing to collaborative marketing meetings
Assists Ticketing department with satisfying ticketing requests

Necessary Skills:
Organized, self starting, thorough, and professional
Strong problem solving ability
Familiarity with sports car racing and Lime Rock Park strongly preferred

Public Relations

Help manage media access during major spectator events
Organizing and categorizing Lime Rock's presence in media
Assisting in creating copy for a variety of uses
Researching and executing media related opportunities
Assisting in planning and logistics for Lime Rock media days

Necessary Skills:
Exceptional writing abilities
Photography skills preferred
Self starting, organized, dependable and professional


Qualifications for all Interns
18 or older
Ability to work 5 weekends per year, including the 3 major spectator event weekends
Diligent, thorough, reliable
Ability to approach a wide variety of tasks thoughtfully and thoroughly
Familiarity with Lime Rock Park, sports cars or automotive industry a plus

Opportunities associated with Lime Rock intern program
Networking with motorsports and automotive industry professionals
Opportunity to have a significant impact in a small company
A wide range of exposure that applies to the automotive industry as a whole

For Internship Opportunities, please contact the Track Office during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 860.435.5000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .