An interesting day at the track...

It was an interesting day at the track Wed., Oct. 13.

See photos at end of story...

The third day of a Skip Barber Three Day was on track – they’re always fun to watch – while a corporate one-day driving school was “up top” on the autocross and skid pad, the clients having fun and learning a lot about car control.

But there were also a bunch of Hollywood-types around. Directors in black leather jackets. Gorgeous make-up artists. Hard-working grips, gaffer’s tape under their arms and light reflectors in their hands... what were they doing here?

The History Channel was on-site, interviewing two Porsche drivers. Grand-Am DP driver David Donohue (Mark’s son) was here, as was Tim Pappas, the Boston-based ALMS driver, whose team, Black Swan Racing, brought two of their 2010 race cars. (And no, Black Swan is not “going Grand-Am” next year, despite the presence of an ex-Grand-Am 911 used in the background of the Pappas interview.)

Needing further backdrops for the interviews, the History Channel producer had “made some calls” ahead of time to some local Porsche owners... so those of us on-site were privy to a wonderful display of everything from late 50s and early 60s “bathtub” 356s and mid-70s 911 endurance machines to a brand-spanking-new GT3. There were no less than a dozen pristine examples of some of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche’s finest on the grounds. Cool.

Oh, and what did David drive up to Lime Rock from his home in Philadelphia? A Porsche press-fleet 2011 Boxster Spyder, just recently released for sale here in the U.S.

No, we don’t have any official photos from the TV shoot; sorta not allowed. But one of our intrepid staff did sneak a shot or two of the shoot with his Crackberry...

What we can tell you regarding the show being shot is its title: “Decoded.” Keep an eye out for it...

One more thing. New York Times automotive writer Lawrence Ulrich, also an interview subject for the History Channel show, brought his latest test car, a 2011 Aston Martin V12 Vantage. Lime Rock’s Rick Roso was able to wrangle some lunchtime lapping time from the School and drove Ulrich around the track in one of our BMW M3s for a few “7/10s” training laps. Then Roso sat right-seat as Ulrich put the baby Aston through its paces, doing a good job. It was pretty cool.

Anyway, just another cool day at Lime Rock Park.