Parking & Car Corral

Parking: First things first... Lime Rock Park does not charge for parking, whether it’s Infield, Outfield or “Light’s Field” near the Main Entrance. We use golf cart “shuttle buses” for those who need a lift from the parking areas.

Guaranteed Infield Parking: However, you now have the option of a Guaranteed Infield Parking spot on race days – regardless of when you arrive – for a fee of $15. We will hold a parking spot for you, even if you arrive just minutes before the green flag flies for the feature race! This does not mean we are charging for parking: If you want to park in the Infield for free, you must arrive early in the morning and you will likely be parked in the Infield – but we can’t guarantee that. Note: Guaranteed Infield Parking is simply a choice you have to guarantee that Lime Rock Park will save an Infield Parking spot regardless of when you arrive on a Race Day.

Specialty Parking: Do you have a nice car that you clearly “baby” and take care of? If so, be sure that’s the car you bring to Lime Rock! Upon arrival, we point nicely-kept, interesting and otherwise fun, cool cars to the Specialty Parking Area. Lime Rock fans enjoy seeing other fans’ nice cars so we like to put them all in one place, if you choose to join in. Important! You don’t have to have an exotic sports car or some crazy-expensive hot rod. If you have a clean, waxed, good-looking ride, whether it’s a ’64 Corvair, a mid-90s Civic CRX, a custom, or a 2010 Audi S5 just like Renea Topp’s, you will probably end up in Specialty Parking!

Ferrari/Italian Car Corral: Contact Lime Rock Park in April for an update on the likelyhood of a special corral for the Ferrari Challenge!