No dogs allowed

There are many Lime Rock Park fans who also like to camp at the track for the race weekend. Although Lime Rock is not a campground, we have a significant area of the upper infield suitable for camping. We bring in a shower trailer in addition to the permanent men’s and ladies bathrooms (which do not have showers).

Camping at Lime Rock Park requires the purchase of a weekend admission ticket (unless you are a Season Pass holder). Children 12 and under are not charged for track admission or camping.

Trans-Am weekend campers may enter Lime Rock beginning 12 noon, Thursday, May 21.

* All campsites are 20ft x 20ft. If you have an RV or a large trailer, you will need to purchase more than one site. (Most RVs will require three sites.) All sites are marked off. Some sites are located entirely on pavement. Lime Rock Park Guest Services personnel will assist you on site choice and appropriateness.

* Each 20x20 campsite is $25. No more than three (3) sites may be purchased by any single Weekend ticket holder.

Here’s what you need to know regarding the sites (see complete Camping Rules & Regulations below):

* What you bring or tow has to fit inside the marked space of the campsite(s) that you purchase – no hanging outside the lines
* No box trucks (such as a Ryder or U-Haul) are accepted anywhere in the Camping Area
* No scaffolding is allowed in Camping Area

Below is the detailed list of Lime Rock Park Camping and RV Rules & Regulations. Please read and understand!

Family Camping Zone:
If you would like to separate yourself a bit from the youthful indulgences sometimes seen in the regular camping area, we have a designated Family Camping Zone. Upon your arrival, please tell the Guest Services personnel you want to be directed to the Family Camping Zone.

Camping Hours:
LRP Trans-Am May 22-24: Camping opens 12 noon, Thursday, May 21; camping ends Sunday, May 24, 5:00 p.m.

Camping and RV Rules & Regulations
NO free-standing scaffolding more than 6 ft. tall is allowed
Sleeping tents and easy-ups 10'x10' to 10'x20' are allowed.
NO box trucks, such as rented Ryder or Penske vehicles, are allowed in any camping area; motor homes and camping trailers ONLY
Motorized Vehicles/Golf Carts:
We do not allow a non-registerable vehicle under 125cc. Vehicles such as scooters and skating systems will not be allowed to operate on the premises of Lime Rock Park, including but not limited to the Race Course, access roads or paddock roads. Golf carts are allowed ONLY after 6:00 p.m.
Quiet Hours: Loud music and generators after 10:00 p.m. are prohibited
Campfires, Cooking, Grilling: Fire and charcoal fires allowed ONLY in controlled containers, grills, hibachis, and ONLY in the General Camping and Family Camping Zone areas. NO fires of any sort allowed on ground at any time any where. Cooking/grilling not allowed at any time in Spectator Areas
Bicycles: Allowed to be ridden in Camping Areas. CANNOT be ridden out of camping area until after 6:00 p.m. Lime Rock Park reserves the right to impound bicycles being ridden in unsafe manners
Skateboards, Scooters, Razors, Rollerblades, Roller Skates: Not allowed at all
Firearms and Weapons: Absolutely prohibited from Lime Rock Park at all times
Fireworks: Absolutely prohibited from Lime Rock Park at all times
Dogs: Dogs and other pets are not permitted. (Yes, lawyers are taking over the world...)

Note: Lime Rock does not have RV, electric or water hook-ups anywhere on the property.

Conduct in the camping and RV areas that is not suitable to a family atmosphere will not be tolerated. Lime Rock Park reserves the right to prohibit banners, shirts and signs that are offensive. Violators whose conduct is inappropriate will be expelled from the facility without a refund.