Your Ticket is your Pit Pass this Memorial Day Weekend at Lime Rock Park

Your Ticket is your Pit Pass this Memorial Day Weekend at Lime Rock Park

The Grand-Am KONI Challenge Series – the featured races during the Memorial Day “Road Racing Classic” weekend at Lime Rock Park – has allowed us to schedule a unique experience for LRP race fans: You can walk pit lane to get right next to the cars, teams and drivers just before the start of each KONI race!

That’s right, you don’t need a special Media or VIP Pass – your Lime Rock ticket is all you need! It’s called the KONI Fan Walk, and there are two; one on Saturday for the ST Class, and the other on Monday for the GS Class.

The cars, teams and drivers will all be in pit lane, with the drivers available for conversation and autographs. Noted racing commentator Greg Rickes will be on the PA describing the drivers, cars and teams. This is a truly unique opportunity – it’s the kind of direct access Lime Rock Park is famous for!

The KONI Challenge ST Fan Walk is Saturday, 22 May, from 2:00 to 2:30. KONI ST races are ferocious battles between all the hot – and very cool – smaller sporty cars: Mazda MX-5 Miatas, RX-8s, BMW Z4s, 328s and 330s, Chevy Cobalts, Honda Civic Sis, VW GTis, Subaru Legacys, Mini Coopers and more.

The KONI Challenge GS Fan Walk is Monday, 25 May, from 1:35 to 1:55. The GS Class is for the big-bore monsters: BMW M3s, Porsche 911s, Mustang GTs and more!

One last note: The discount you get by buying tickets in advance ends tomorrow, Friday, 15 May at 5:00 p.m.

A Full Weekend ticket purchased in advance is $50 (after 15 May it’s $85), Saturday and Monday tickets are $25 each if purchased in advance (after 15 May they are $35 each day) and all tickets include parking and paddock access. Track admission for children 12 and under is free. Premier Fan Hospitality access is $125, with children 12 and under costing $30.

For tickets call 800 RACE LRP or online at


It’s never happened before at Lime Rock Park

It’s never happened before at Lime Rock Park.

During one long, beautiful Memorial Day weekend, 22-25 May, you can thrill to the sights and sounds of vintage Formula 1 cars, racing twice during the weekend; enjoy the fender-banging excitement of a huge field of Grand-Am’s KONI Challenge sports cars, the headline event; and watch some of the best open-wheel road racing North America has to offer, thanks to the Formula 2000 championship.

And here’s the kicker... For the first time, you can take it all in from Lime Rock’s latest innovation for the fans: an air-conditioned Lime Rock Park Fan Hospitality chalet, with one of the best views of the track. Food, drink, special guest appearances, VIP parking – the works, all for $125 (does not include race ticket).

It’s an experience as good, or even better, than even some of the best-funded race teams enjoy!

Time is, in fact, running out... We at Lime Rock Park know that everyone who asks you to purchase something wants you to “Act Now!” and “Call Today!”

But we’re not going to scream at you. We simply want to let you know that the discount you get by buying tickets in advance ends this Friday, 15 May at 5:00 p.m.

A Full Weekend ticket purchased in advance is $50 (after 15 May it’s $85), Saturday and Monday tickets are $25 each if purchased in advance (after 15 May they are $35 each day) and all tickets include parking and paddock access. Children 12 and under are free. Premier Fan Hospitality access is $125, with children 12 and under costing $30.

Lime Rock Park. A view with a track... For tickets call 800 RACE LRP or online at


Lime Rock Park - A View With a Track - New Premier Fan Hospitality Available for Memorial Day Weekend

Lime Rock Park - A View With a Track - New Premier Fan Hospitality Available for Memorial Day Weekend

There is nothing like a day at Lime Rock Park – the fastest day trip ever. The drive to the track is gorgeous, the setting is breath taking, and the experience is uniquely unforgettable, ensuring an adventure with family and friends to kick off the summer.

So, how could this adventure possibly get any better?

Now Lime Rock Park is offering a chalet hospitality with one of the best views of the track to watch the Historic Grand Prix Formula One machines, the KONI Challenge and F2000 racers in air-conditioned comfort while making new friends over cold drinks and good food.

This opportunity is on offer this Memorial Day Weekend’s Saturday and Monday, as Premier Fan Hospitality tickets are available for $125 plus track admission. The Fan Hospitality includes buffet lunch, drinks, special guest appearances, hot lap drawing, a personalized paddock tour, a welcome goodie bag and VIP parking pass. If an event ticket has already been purchased, you can still add on the Premier Fan Hospitality and enjoy this exclusive offer.

Lime Rock Park located in Litchfield County, CT—a place that’s a destination location in its own right. In June 2008 and spring 2009, the track has undergone tremendous upgrades thanks to owner, Skip Barber’s continuing commitment to making Lime Rock Park one of the best spectator tracks in the world. You can enjoy the day with a lap around the track—not in a car—but instead with a walk around the Park

Start by taking in the scenic view from the outfield hillside, where you can almost see the entire 1.5 mile track, something that no other road racing circuit can offer. From there, you can cross the pedestrian bridge and visit the race teams in the open paddock on the way to watch the action from the Esses, along No Name Straight, walk past the Uphill corner towards West Bend and then stop to take in the blinding-fast Downhill.

Don’t miss the new-and-improved Midway where the Historic Grand Prix Cars will paddock, enjoy the numerous merchandise vendors and compete in the iRacing SIM Challenge.

Lime Rock Park is known for no grandstands and no assigned seats, so fans aren’t locked into squeezing themselves into a small bleacher. In fact, blankets are the seat of choice. Keeping this in mind, the Premier Fan Hospitality has a private spectator hill off the back of the chalet so you may choose either a blanket and fresh air or the convenience and air-conditioned comfort of the chalet, or both. You are a VIP every other day, why not be one at LRP!

Lime Rock Park has one of the most picturesque New England views, only interrupted by one strip of pavement, the race track. Enjoy the view, the racing and make the Infield Chalet home during the Road Racing Classic, 22 -25 May 2009. Space is limited. Purchase tickets by calling 800 RACE LRP or

Tickets prices are $25 for Saturday or Monday, Weekend ticket $50, Fan Hospitality ticket $125. Event tickets for children 12 and under are free with children Fan Hospitality ticket $30.

For more information call 800 RACE LRP.



Formula One Cars at Lime Rock Park on Memorial Day Weekend

Formula One Cars at Lime Rock Park on Memorial Day Weekend

Eau Rouge, Becketts, Casino, Parabolica.

Formula One cars will add two new famous corners to their Curriculum Vitae.

Big Bend and The Downhill.

For the first time, a breathtaking selection of Formula One Machinery from one of the great eras of the Series will be racing at Lime Rock Park on Memorial Day Weekend. Authentic cars from the World Championship will compete in two races organized by Historic Grand Prix, a group dedicated to the

preservation and use of these great machines. Cars that were driven to success by some of the greatest racers in the world will undoubtedly come close to breaking the Lime Rock Park track record in an unmatched demonstration of technical sophistication, power and handling.

The great names of the sport, Andretti, Senna, Gurney, Mansell, Moss, Ascari, Prost, and Schumacher all developed and affirmed their talent racing in Formula One. And, they drove cars which are legendarily faster than anything else around a given track.

Marques like Maclaren, Ferrari, Wolf, Penske, Cooper, and Lotus established their brands and competitive reputation racing at tracks like Monza, Silverstone, Spa and Monaco. Manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, Renault, Mercedes Benz, and BMW have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to show that they can match technical brilliance with the specialists who traditionally have concentrated on winning the Formula One World Championship.

With around 500 horse power available in cars weighing not much more that a thousand pounds these cars promise to provide a really tremendous spectacle on the 1.5-mile Lime Rock Park. And, they will be on view in a special Midway Paddock area.

For a fascinating moment, Lime Rock Park on Memorial Day Weekend will echo to the resounding sounds and spectacular sights of real Formula One cars from the glory days of the World Championship...when Villeneuve, Hunt, Peterson, and Andretti hurtled towards their destiny all over the globe.... not a spectacle to be missed!

The Road Racing Classic on Memorial Day Weekend will also feature the Koni Challenge and F2000. Event tickets and Premier Fan Hospitality tickets are on sale now. All tickets include free access to the paddock area and free parking. Discounted advance tickets are available until Friday, 15 May. Following that date, higher gate pricing will apply. Kids 12 and under are always free.

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BMW – The Official Car of Lime Rock Park – Art Car Exhibit

BMW – The Official Car of Lime Rock Park – Art Car Exhibit

In support of BMW, the Official Car of Lime Rock Park, we encourage you to read the following press release about the exciting art installation at Grand Central Station in New York City featuring the BMW Art Cars and Robin Rhode Art Project. Make your way to Grand Central Station before 6 April. It’s a must see.

BMW of North America, LLC.


 Art Installation Featuring BMW Art Cars and Robin Rhode Art Project at NYC’s Grand Central Terminal through April 6, 2009

A public art installation at New York’s Grand Central Terminal, featuring two distinct sections and made possible by BMW, opened to the public last week.

 One is a collection of four iconic BMW Art Cars designed by Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg.

 The second is a project by contemporary artist Robin Rhode, who used the all-new 2009 BMW Z4 Roadster mounted with special paint dispensers behind its wheels to create a football-field size painting, a 30’ x 40’ section of which will be shown.

The installation is free and open to the public through Monday, April 6, 2009 from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. in Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall®.

 For more information on the exhibition, visit:
YouTube - Grand Central Terminal Hosts BMW Art Cars.

 “Arts and culture is our City’s signature industry, and it also nourishes many others,” said New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. “New York City’s vibrant cultural life is a big reason why so many people want to live here, and it draws visitors here from around the world.”

The BMW Art Car project has a storied history of more than 30 years.  Since its founding in 1975, sixteen of the world’s most respected artists, including the four whose works will be displayed in the installation in Vanderbilt Hall®, have designed BMW Art Cars.  The cars have been exhibited by museums and galleries throughout the world, including the Louvre in Paris and the Palazzo Grassi in Venice.

The BMW Art Cars will be accompanied by rare, behind-the-scenes footage of the four cars that will be played in the Grand Central Terminal installation.  The videos reveal Warhol painting his car, Stella and Rauschenberg discussing their inspirations and influences in creating their respective pieces and various experts discussing the resulting impact of these works.

 Occupying Vanderbilt Hall will also be the most recent example of BMW‘s long-standing commitment to the arts – Rhode’s project.  In contrast to the renowned BMW Art Car Program, where artists are commissioned to apply artwork to the car’s existing structure, Rhode was given a car to create an interaction that was documented by Jake Scott of RSA films.  Like in the BMW Art Car Program, the car acts as a catalyst for creativity but in an entirely different, transient way.

 From a tower 30 feet above his canvas laid out on the floor, Rhode choreographed the movements of an all-new 2009 BMW Z4 Roadster and used a remote control device to direct when and where colored paint was sprayed onto the tires which marked the canvas.  Scott, from 40 simultaneous camera angles, captured the interaction between the artist, the BMW Z4 Roadster and its driver, at Los Angeles’ Downey Studios.  Rhode’s paintbrush (the BMW Z4 Roadster) and Scott’s video footage of the action will also be part of the installation at Grand Central Terminal.  Scott’s footage will be shown in high-definition on a 16' x 9' screen.

 Rhode has characterized his role in the project as a “creative navigator,” expressing the fun relationship between the artist, design and technological advancements.  “As an artist I am always keen to collaborate with other disciplines like dance, music and now film,” said Rhode.  “I’m a pure car enthusiast.  But I also liked the idea of going through childlike actions to create a painting that is a way to engage with technology and design.”

 Visitors to can view a special "making of" film clip, which shows the entire creative process behind Rhode and Scott’s collaboration, as well as detailed information about the BMW Art Car program.

Corporate Communications
BMW of North America, LLC.