Winter Autocross Days

Lime Rock Park hosts winter driving fun! Winter Autocross Days are for drivers simply looking for maximum value for entertaining, spirited driving in winter conditions, with some instruction and a relaxed curriculum. The cost is $350 per driver with a maximum of 25 drivers per program, and each six hour event is managed by four pro driving coaches. Email or call the Track Office at 1 (860) 435-5000 and ask Mike Distefano at extension 112 to be placed on the email list to receive more information or to complete your gift certificate order. We are committed to running at least two winter driving events in 2018, and Autocross Certificates do not expire and can be used for Summer or Winter autocross programs.

  • If you are interested in participating in our January - March 2018 winter driving programs, click here to register
  • If you would like to purchase a gift certificate to the Winter Autocross Season for a friend or family member, contact Mike Distefano at 1 (860) 435 5000 ext. 112

We have two dates for the 2018 Winter Season*:

  • Monday, January 15, 2018 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day). Click here to register 
  • Monday, February 19, 2018 (Presidents Day). Click here to register

* Additonal programs will become available as conditions allow.

The Winter Autocross track has a variety of corners and elevation that can be run in a few different configurations depending on snow conditions. Conditions do vary by day and even over the course of a single event based on the weather, but our aim with the snowmaking and grooming equipment is for the entire course to be covered in smooth, slippery snow, similar to conditions on an unplowed, snow-covered road. The wide open spaces allow drivers to find their limit with plenty of room to make mistakes.
Please note: conditions off-course are variable. Snow beyond the course limits is not prepared for driving and going off course may result in your vehicle getting stuck. In the case of a stuck car, Lime Rock staff will pull the car out. We ask that all cars be fitted with your factory tow hook to help ensure that we can quickly accomplish that when necessary.
The Essentials:

  • Drivers must be licensed
  • We have strict tire requirements to prevent excessive delays caused by removing stuck vehicles that are not prepared for winter driving. Four- and all-wheel drive vehicles may be fitted with either aggressively-treaded all-season tires or non-studded snow and ice tires. Summer tires or all-season tires with insufficient tread will not be permitted. Vehicles that are front- or rear-wheel drive MUST be equipped with appropriate non-studded snow and ice tires. If you have questions about your tires, please feel free to call the office and ask! To prevent degradation of the asphalt underneath the snow course, studded tires are prohibited.
  • Vehicles must conform to our muffled exhaust regulations (ask if unsure)
  • Spectators are welcome
  • High-grip, thin soled shoes (with warm socks!) recommended
  • Compressed air is available on site for tire pressure adjustments
  • Cars must have tow hooks installed

Cancellation Policy:
If you are signed up for a program and are unable to attend, Lime Rock must be notified at least one week prior to the event. In that case, Lime Rock will transfer the credit to another date of the participant’s choosing. No refunds or date transfers will be available if the participant notifies Lime Rock less than seven days before the event (call for special consideration).
If you would like to purchase a gift certificate to the Winter Autocross Season for a friend or family member, call the Track Office at 1 (860) 435-5000.

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