Historic Festival To Honor Motorcycle Collector

David Fusiak Named Honored Motorcycle Collector At Historic Festival 36
The 36th Lime Rock Historic Festival is proud to announce that David Fusiak has been named the Honored Motorcycle Collector for the Sunday in the Park Concours to be held September 2, 2018.
Dave is an artist who considers the bikes his canvas!  His business, FLAT OUT VINTAGE MOTORBIKES, is a small home based shop in New York State's Hudson Valley. He has been restoring motorcycles for 30 years. He has ridden professional motocross in the mid 70's as well as trials competitions and ice racing where he was once banned for being too aggressive. He is a true enthusiast who would rather "restore motorcycles than eat" according to Walnecks Classic Cycle Trader.  His work is featured in the Harley Davidson Century Collection, 2000 HD Vintage Motorcycle calendar, as well as many magazines and other publications.
He has won many AMCA awards as well as Concours shows.  Dave entered the very first coast-to-coast Motorcycle Cannonball from Kitty Hawk NC, to Los Angeles, a distance of 3,294 miles, on a 1915 Harley Davidson (#17) and received a perfect score. The whole distance was covered without a breakdown. Dave also competed in the American Iron Kickstart Classic which led to the Pewter Run endurance competition in NH. He received a first place finish and rode with the youngest passenger in the competition, his daughter, Kaylah, age 7.
His featured display will consist of several classic Harley Davidsons from the early 191x’s and a 1913 Flying Merkel.  The Flying Merkel was found through a contact in Uruguay in a junkyard on the Argentina/Uruguay border as a collection of parts, a motor, wheel hubs and pieces of frame.  After getting the pieces back to the US and restoring the bike, David did some research about Flying Merkels in South America.  The Buenos Aires Motorcycle Club sponsored a 500K Endurance Race and a Flying Merkel won in 1914 and 1915.  After reviewing archives and other materials in Argentina, it is believed that this 1913 Flying Merkel is the bike that won both races and was then sold in Buenos Aires.


Here are some of the vintage motorcycles you can expect David to showcase: 


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