1.3 Million Cans & Bottles Collected by Boy Scouts

Over the past 20 years, Boy Scouts with the Connecticut Rivers Council have collected over 1.3 million cans, and plastic and glass bottles at Lime Rock Park. After turning these containers into the recycling center to claim the five cent refund, the scouts have raised approximately $65,000 in total.

Joe Wall of Waterbury, CT, first started the Lime Rock Can and Bottle Patrol in 1998 while his son was a member of the Scouts. Since then, Wall has organized the fundraising and camping event at Lime Rock Park for the scouts during each major spectator event (three to five events a year). Cans and bottles are collected from recycling bins, sorted and then transported to a recycling center.

“The money raised goes to the boys who participate for their various scouting activities such as camp outs, summer camp and camping equipment; things they would not otherwise have had the funding for,” Wall said. “This year alone, we collected 70,000 cans and bottles during the three major events at Lime Rock. The boys have a good time, they enjoy the camaraderie and the opportunity to experience the racing events. At the same time, they learn the value of work and paying their own way. It’s not selling anything like wreaths or candy — this is not easy work.”

For the past 10 years, Wall and the participating Scouts have turned their cans and bottles into CW Resources recycling center in Naugatuck, CT, which is a handicapped adult work program. “We donate 10 percent of the proceeds gained from our collection efforts to this work program.”

Lime Rock Park maintains its own recycling program on all other days out of the year, said Skip Barber, Lime Rock Park President. “Over 20,000 cans and bottles collected an event a year — that’s a lot of beverages and we don’t sell anything that’s in cans.”

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