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Hi There-

Thanks for your interest in enrolling your club in Lime Rock Park's Car Club Loyalty Program. This program allows you and your club access to Lime Rock Park like never before!

Membership in the club includes:

  • Membership cards that include special deals on merchandise and other event-specific perks
  • Special awards, categories, and parking at all of Lime Rock Parks car shows
  • Preferential treatment in the selection process of cars for annual Vintage Sports Car Parade and Sunday in the Park Concours
  • The opportunity to have your very own Car Corral at each of our major events
  • The "Car Club of the Year" will receive a FREE AUTOCROSS DAY!  

To complete enrollment, fill out the below fields, click submit, and Mitchell Conroy will confirm your registration once it is completed on our end.

That's it! See you at the track...

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