Charity Food Drive


This Holiday Season, Help Us Feed Those In Need

To help those in need this holiday season, Lime Rock Park Catering is collecting non-perishable food items for The Corner Food Pantry in Lakeville, Conn., as well as pet supply items for The Little Guild Animal Shelter in Cornwall, Conn.

On Saturday, Nov. 9  from 10am to 3pm, the Lime Rock Catering van will be parked outside the Stop & Shop in Canaan, Conn., collecting food and pet items.

Or, please drop off your donations to Lime Rock Park’s Guest Services at 60 White Hollow Rd., building or the Track Office at 497 Lime Rock Road prior to Dec. 7, 2019.

The Corner Food Pantry is seeking the following items:
All Non-Perishable Food Items
Cake mixes/brownie mixes
Fruit Juices
Ground Coffee
Sugar - 1 or 5lb
Flour - 1 or 5lb
Vegetable Oil
Sugar Free Jams or Jellies
Canned Soups
Canned Meats
Beans, Canned or Dried
Vegetarian Canned Goods

The Little Guild Animal Shelter is seeking the following items:
All Pet Items
Non-xylitol Peanut Butter
Fancy Feast Adult / Kitten Wet Food

Those who would like to donate via a check can make a check out to The Corner Food Pantry or The Little Guild Animal Shelter and mail it to:
Charity Food Drive c/o Lime Rock Park
497 Lime Rock Road, Lakeville, CT  06039

For more information, call Lime Rock Park's Marlane White or Mitch Conroy at 860-435-5000


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