Gathering of the Marques

Gathering of the Marques hosts nearly every make and model of vehicle around our 1.5 mile circuit. Scroll below to learn more about how you can join the party.


Sunday’s second event is the Gathering of the Marques, which hosts enthusiasts and clubs representing nearly every make and model, all arranged around the 1.5-mile Lime Rock course. With as many as 800 cars expected, the event will showcase an incredibly diverse display of cars grouped by make, model or country of origin. Many regional car clubs are regular attendees and we encourage clubs to contact us about participation. For more information, contact


To enter a car in Gathering of the Marques, please purchase a Gathering of the Marques entrant ticket. One admission ticket is also required to enter Gathering of the Marques(i.e. Sunday Admission, Weekend, Season Pass. This admission covers all passengers in the car). There is also a pre-registration form post-purchase – please complete that when you purchase your Gathering of the Marques ticket.


In order to complete the pre-registration, log into your TorkHub account & click “my events”. Within the Historic Festival 42 section, you will see the pre-registration form.


*Lime Rock Park reserves the right to accept or deny any Gathering of the Marques entry based on vehicle’s specification and presentation. If you have questions about your vehicle’s eligibility, please contact