Hurry...Father's Day Is June 17

Give Dad What He Really Wants!

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 17 and we know what all you dads out there really want...a day here at Lime Rock Park. Send list link to your family or for a not-so-obvious approach, leave this page open on your home computer so your family will get the hint. 

Sign Dad Up To Participate In The Summer Autocross Series

An Autocross Lapping Day is safe, affordable, a huge amount of fun and of course, fast. Jump in any car you have in the driveway, bring it to our 1/2-mile autocross “mini” race track at Lime Rock, then have the time of your life driving it as hard as you are able. There are no walls or guardrail to distract you; if you spin it’s simply off into the grass and dirt! We have professional coaches on site to give you tips and advice, too. Click here to learn more about an Autocross Lapping Day and order your gift certificate now by contacting Mike at 860-435-5000 or

Give Dad A Track Day With The Lime Rock Driver's Club

A Lime Rock Drivers Club Track Day is the ultimate expression for anyone passionate about performance driving. Bring your high performance sedan, coupe or sports car and drive Lime Rock’s classic 1.5-mile, 7-turn road course, coached from the right seat by the world’s best racing instructors. As a Lime Rock Drivers Club “Member for the Day,” you get four hours of coached track time plus the hospitality – five-star food and drink – afforded all LRDC members. It’s an incredible experience, there is no doubt. Click here for information, and claim your LIme Rock Driver's Club Gift Certificate today by contacting Jeanette at 860-435-5000 or

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