Learn at Lime Rock

Lime Rock Park offers a unique educational environment for youths of all ages, providing opportunities to learn about motorsports; the art of racing; automotive design, technology and mechanics; and much more.

In fact, the unique environment of Lime Rock Park provides a fun way to for youths to learn about a host of topics such as photography, history, meteorology and ecology.

  • Did you know that local boyscouts camp out at every major spectator event and participate in a facility-wide recycle program?
  • Did you know that track officials moinitor the local weather throughout the day to plan for severve weather that my impact participants and spectators?
  • Did you know that the hills that surround the Park are home to various animal species, including the black bear and red fox?

There is a host of fun things to learn at Lime Rock, and since our major spectator events are all about having fun with friends and family, learning comes naturally here!

All youths ages 16 and under receive free admission to all major spectator events held at the Park. This provides families and youth organizations with an unique opportunity to provide young learners with a fun, and especially affordable, hand-on learning experience.

Here are some unique ideas for incorporating STEAM education into your next trip to Lime Rock Park:

1. Learn about the various ways a race car or sports car is designed to go fast. During a tour of the Paddocks, ask the drivers and team members what are some of the ways their cars go fast. Pick up a Science of Racing Sheet in the Lime Rock Store and learn more about science concepts uses when designing the cars such as aerodynamics and down force.

2. Learn about how the drivers respond to the various changes in the track. Take a look at a track map available in an event program or pick one up at the Lime Rock Store and note the different variations in the track. Watch the cars go past you from various spots of the track. Note where they go fast, where they brake, which side of the track they position the car and how they take the curves.

3. Learn about photography by taking pictures of the fast moving cars using a camera that allows you to change the shutter speed. Learn about ways to shoot pictures of fast moving objects by picking up a Young Photographer's Guide in the Lime Rock Store. While at the track, look out for one of the photographers taking pictures at the event. Note how they're dressed and where they're positioned on the track, and discuss with an adult the techniques they're using to stay safe.

Share your ideas for Learning at Lime Rock. Email us at info@limerock.com and let us know other ways kids can learn while at Lime Rock Park.


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