Historic Festival - Vintage Race & Sports Car Parade

Vintage Race & Sports Car Parade & Historic Festival 39's Opening Event
Thursday, September 2, 2021

Lime Rock Park's annual Historic Festival opens with one of longest automotive parades in the Northeast, the Vintage Race Car & Sports Car Parade. With bystanders viewing from the roadside, more than 100 cars rally 17 miles through local towns. 

The Parade

The parade leaves Lime Rock Park at 4 p.m. on Thursday, September 2, 2021, making its way along a 17-mile route, including the towns of Lime Rock, Lakeville, Salisbury and Falls Village. Here parade-watchers watch in awe.

Each parade participant contributes $25 each that is donated to a local charity. Do you own a 1975 or older sports car or vintage race car and want to be in the Vintage Race & Sports Car Parade? Visit http://limerock.com/historicfestivalparticipantinfo to apply.



Left out of Outfield Entrance to the 4-way stop (Rt. 41 and 112) at Hotchkiss School. TURN Right, to go the Flashing light intersection in Lakeville (at Patco Mobil). TURN RIGHT to go through Lakeville and Salisbury. Staying on Rt. 44, go past the White Hart, then TURN LEFT on Cobble Road to the Noble Horizons facility. TURN RIGHT into the complex. There is a cul de sac turn-around in Noble Horizons. Back out to Cobble Road, TURN RIGHT to go to the stop sign at Rt. 41. TURN LEFT to go to the stop sign at Rt. 44 in Salisbury. TURN RIGHT to go to Salmon Kill Road. TURN LEFT to go to the stop sign at Route 112. TURN LEFT to go to Route 7 North, to go to the flashing light intersection with Rt. 126. TURN LEFT to go to Falls Village at the end of Main Street TURN RIGHT onto Railroad then take your FIRST LEFT under the Bridge onto Water Street. Cross the Falls Village Bridge and TURN LEFT onto Dugway. Follow Dug way until the end then CROSS Route 112 back into the entrance you left.

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