Historic Festival - Sunday in the Park

Sunday in the Park- 

The Lime Rock Concours • Gathering of the Marques 

Sunday, September 5, 2021, 10AM - 4PM
Part of Lime Rock Park's Historic Festival held over Labor Day Weekend

A highlight of Historic Festival is Sunday in the Park Sunday in the Park comprised of two events, The Lime Rock Concours, and The Gathering of the Marques, which both take place this year on September 5, between the two racing days of the Labor Day weekend 39th Lime Rock Historic Festival.  The Lime Rock Concours features nearly 200 outstanding entries are on display on Sam Posey Straight. The Gathering of the Marques offers an additional 800+ cars celebrating the event around the rest of the 1.5 mile track. Sunday in the Park provides festival-goers with an unlimited supply of amazing automobiles to enjoy. GET TICKETS HERE

The Lime Rock Concours

View the 2021 Sunday in the Park Concours Entry List By Clicking Here

This year’s Lime Rock Concours will feature nearly 200 outstanding invitation-only entries along the Sam Posey Straight, presenting superlative examples of beauty, elegance and speed, all displayed in interesting and diverse classes that are grouped by purpose and/or year, not exclusively by make and model.

For 2021, Porsche will be our Honored Marque and will serve as the presenting sponsor of Sunday’s events. Our Honored Collector will be Steven Harris, who will share with us his extensive and unique collection of 911-based RS Porsches. We will also have a special exhibit of significant competition Porsches.  

Judging for this year's Sunday in the Park vehicles will be (i) Peer Judging, in which the owners of the vehicles in each class (please see the Class List below) will be given ballots requesting their votes for the best two vehicles in the Class and (ii) a small number of field-wide awards where the winner will be chosen by the award's sponsor (e.g. the Greenwich Concours and Sports Car Market awards) or by Sunday in the Park senior staff.

Honored Collector: Steven Harris

This year's Historic Festival Honored Collector is Steven Harris, who will be displaying his collection of 911-based RS Porsches. Steven Harris' collection will be on display at Lime Rock Park throughout the weekend, and will be in the Concours on Sunday. More information on Steven Harris' collection can be found by clicking here.

►View the 2021 Concours Class Groupings and Application by visiting https://limerock.com/sundayintheparkclasses

Gathering of the Marques

Gathering of the Marques is incredibly diverse; literally hundreds of cars lining the track, grouped by make, model or country of origin. You'll see huge displays of Shelbys and BMWs and Corvettes and Jaguars and MGs... Astons, Rolls-Royces and Lotuses... Porsches, Peugeots ... Volvos and Saabs, Minis, Mercurys, Mercedes..., Fiats and Lambos. If it's an interesting and fun car, you can be sure their owners find their way to Lime Rock Park to park next to their brethren. In other words, if someone loves their car, you can be sure it'll be here.

►For this year’s Gathering of the Marques, we are requesting that participants pre-register for the event, which will help us allocate adequate space for each participant group. Registration information is available by clicking or touching here.

►To apply to participate in any part of Sunday in the Park, learn more and download applications by visiting http://limerock.com/historicfestivalparticipantinfo

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