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Thank you for your interest in receiving a Lime Rock Park Media Credential. Please carefully follow the directions provided below. In order to receive Season Long, Single Event Media Credentials or a Photo Vest from Lime Rock Park, you must first complete and submit this form and other necessary documents prior to the noted deadline. All forms will be submitted through this process and no printed or write-in forms will be issued nor accepted. Thank you for you cooperation as we look forward to reviewing your Media Credential request in a timely and orderly manner.
For questions and concerns, contact Matt Cleary, at (860) 435-5000 or email
  •  If you are seeking a media and/or photographer credential at Lime Rock Park, please read the Media Credential Policies and Guidelines provided below, fill out the form provided below and submit the form and necessary documents by the noted deadline. No printed or write-in forms will be issued or accepted this season.
  • Please note, by filling out this form, you are not guaranteed a Media Credential nor a Photo Vest through Lime Rock Park. Credentials are issued to working journalists, photographers and videographers on assignment. Read more below in the Policies and Guidelines section.
  • If you have received a Media Credential through an approved Race Series, an approved Race Team or ann approved Race Manufacturer, you do not need to apply for a Lime Rock Park Media Credential. Read more below.
  • For a Single Event Media Credential without receiving a Track Side Photo Vest, you do NOT need to submit a Track Waiver NOR a Headshot. Please select Single Event Media Credential in the form below and submit the form no later than three weeks prior to event. You may email Matt Cleary at or call (860) 435-5000 to see if your credential has been approved. Approved Single Event Credential Wrist Bands will be issued at the Will Call Registration Booth the day of the event starting at 7 a.m. even if camping and arriving the previous day. 
  • For a Single Event Media Credential with a Track Side Photo Vest, you will be required to submit a signed, notarized Track Waiver before you receive your credential. Read below to find out how to submit a Track Waiver.
  • For a Season Long Media Credential, whether or not you wish to receive a Track Side Photo Vest, you are required to submit a signed, notarized Track Waiver before you receive your credential. Read more below about Track Waivers. 
  • Photo vests for track side and hot pit access will be issued in the Media Center or in the Emergency Services building to approved photographers and videographers. Read more below.
  • Season Long Media Credential Hard Cards will be approved and mailed as soon as possble.  Lanyards can be picked up at the Track Office Monday-Friday 9am-5pm or on Major Event Weekends 9am-5pm.  
  • Last-minute requests for credentials will not be accepted.  
The following policies and guidelines are to be understood and followed by any person requesting a Media Credential and any person approved for a Media Credential.
These standards were created to ensure an organized, safe and efficient atmosphere for Lime Rock Park staff, participants, spectators and for all media involved.
Anyone who fails to uphold these policies and guidelines will be denied a Media Credential, have their Credential revoked and possibly asked to leave the track immediately.
Credential Requests: Complete the Lime Rock Park Media Credential Request form and submit with the required documents promptly and prior to any deadline indicated on the form. You must adhear to the Media Credential Request instructions provided above and properly fill out the credential request form provided below. Lime Rock Park has the right to deny or revoke your credential and/or photo vest at any time. Media Credential requests must be made prior to major events. If you questions or concerns during major events, you may contact Matt Cleary by reporting to the Media Center.
Approved Credential Requests: Media credentials will only be issued to recognized journalists, photojournalists and videographers representing editorial platforms such as newspapers, news services, magazines, racing publications, pertinent websites such as racing blogs, television or radio channels, and other approved media outlets. Websites and social media sites will only be considered and/or approved if they are affiliated with a news source, cover sports and/or sports car racing on a regular basis, cover local events, and are consistently updated with news and features. Lime Rock Park does not issue credentials to “spec” or speculation freelance writers/photographers, stock photo agencies, race teams or any person unable to provide affiliation with a credible media outlet. Enthusiast and fan websites, or those that cover only one team or driver, will not be considered for a media credential. If you are associated with a series, team or manufacturer, you must obtain a credential through that organization. You may be asked to provide more details about your editorial coverage plans and/or previous coverage assignments and/or references prior to approval. To learn how you can possibly pick up an editorial assignment or a credential through a series, team or manufacturer, contact Matt Cleary by calling (860) 435-5000 or emailing
Track Waiver: All credentials, except Single-Event Without Track-Side Photography Access, require that a Track Waiver. Waivers are available at this link Waivers must be PRINTED IN COLOR, SIGNED AND NOTORIZED, and SUBMITTED FLAT WITHOUT FOLDS. You can mail or deliver your Track Waiver to Matt Cleary at 497 Lime Rock Road, Lakeville, CT  06039. To receive free notary services, you may make an appointment with Jen Murphy at the Track Office by calling (860) 435-5000. Scans, photographs or photocopies of signed and notarized Track Waivers are not acceptable. You may wait to submit the Track Waiver until receiving a credential acceptance notification. Call or email Matt Cleary at (860) 435-5000 or to see if your credential will be accepted. Notary services are available before the event Monday - Friday and during major events 9am - 5pm in the Track Office at 497 Lime Rock Road.
Media Parking: Media Parking is available for those who receive Media Credentials. If you have not received your Media Parking Decal prior to the event, you may pick one up by showing your Media Credential to the representative at the Will Call Registration booth. Only one Media Decal will be issued per Credential Holder. If you are using a Media Decal and do not have a Media Credential, your parking decal will be removed, and you will be asked to park in another area. Media parking is typically located near The Midway. Please ask parking officials where you are able to park.
Third-Party Credentials: Media Credentials will be accepted at Lime Rock Park if issued by approved Race Teams, approved Race Manufacturers or approved Race Series. You are required to adhere to all Lime Rock Park Media Credential Policies and Guidelines. You will be granted access to the Media Center during major events. You may be asked to fill out a Track Waiver if receiving a Photo Vest. Upon arrival during event days, check in at the Will Call Registration booth and show your credential to receive your Media Parking Decal. To verify that your credential will be approved and to notify Lime Rock Park of your attendance prior to the event, you may email Matt Cleary at
Rejected Credential Requests: You may be asked to provide copies of past Lime Rock Park editorial coverage, past sports car racing editorial coverage or a list of references. You must supply any and all forms to be considered for a credential. Credential requests will automatically be denied from employees in marketing, promotions, sales, etc. Please do not request media privileges for company executives, including management personnel and officers unless they are on assignment. To appeal a rejected Media Credential, you may email Matt Cleary at
Photo Vests & Track Side Photography: Due to insurance requirements, track side and hot pit photo credentials are limited to qualified personnel only. You will be required to wear an approved photo vest that may be obtained at the Media Center or Emergency Services building during approved times. You must attend a photo safety meeting or get approval from Lime Rock Park staff before being issued a safety vest. You must wear your approved photo vests when track side, on the track side of the spectator fence line or in a hot pit area at all times, whether the track is hot or cold. It is recommended that photo vests are worn in the paddocks, however, do not wear your photo vest while in a spectator or dining area. You must adhere to all safety requirements when shooting video track side or in a hot pit area, including shooting in designated photography areas only, being aware of your surroundings at all time, wearing long pants and closed toe shoes, and wearing photo vests in designated areas. Do not block safety workers, corner workers nor flaggers from their view of the track. Do not assist in an accident. Do not cross the track when it is hot. Adhere to all precautions by track staff including Emergency Services personnel, corner workers and flaggers. Return safety vests to the Media Center or Emergency Services building at the end of your time at Lime Rock Park.
Dress Code, Safety Recommendations: It is highly advised that all media wear long pants and closed toe shoes. Long pants and closed toe shoes are required track side and in hot pit areas. Light, breathable clothing is recommended. It is highly recommended that you wear bug repellent and sun screen at all times. Lime Rock Park is located in an area known for ticks carrying Lyme's Disease and where wildlife can be found, including and especially rattlesnakes. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Water is provided in the Media Center or Emergency Services building. Report any injuries to Emergency Services personnel. Media access and photography is only allowed in designated areas.
Drones: Drones are not allowed at Lime Rock Park unless prior approval has been obtained and proper licenses and insurance has been submitted. For information on using drones, contact Matt Cleary at (860) 435-5000 or If approved, you must adhere to the drone flying policy at all times.

Credential Pick-Up: Approved Single-Event Media Credentials Wrist Bands are available for pick up up at the Will Call/Registration building at Lime Rock’s Main Entrance (60 White Hollow Road, Lakeville, Conn. 06039) during an event starting at 7 a.m. Season-Long Media Credentials will be mailed to the address provided or can be picked up prior to the event at the track office. If you have not received your Hard Card prior to an event, they will be available for pick up at the Will Call/Registration building.
Check-In and Check-Out: During non-major events, you must check-in with a track official each day at the track. When the Media Center is not open, you must check-in at arrival time at Emergency Operations Building or Track Office. You must report your planned locations for the day and you must check out at end of day.
Media Center Access: The Media Center is a designated location only for those with a media credential. Lime Rock Park has the right to reserve seating for deadline media and any other approved requests. The Media Center is equipped with wireless and wired Internet access and a printer and copy machine. Lime Rock Park is not responsible for any equipment lost, stolen or left in the Media Center. While in the Media Center, you are asked to respect those who are working at all times. You will be asked to step outside if you are becoming a disturbance to those working. You are asked to pick up after yourself, remove trash from your work area and respect those working around you. You will not be assigned seats in the media center, however, you may reserve your seating by marking it with a label provided at the Media Center info station. Please do not block the view of those watching the monitors. Please do not block access to the refreshments area. Note, the Media Center is not located in the same area for each event so please inquire upon arrival.
Conduct On Premises: Any employee or volunteer representing Lime Rock Park has the right to revoke a Media Credential at anytime if they feel that person is conducting him/herself in a non-professional manor. Anyone holding a media credential is expected to abide by all track and/or renter/series regulations and safety protocols at all times, including staying within approved access areas and remaining alert at all times. Media credentialed individuals are allowed in special access areas for the sole purpose of recording track happenings for editorial purposes. With this, all media are expected to stay a safe distance from track and race operations, and/or fan experiences. Media should never interfere with track, renter, series, team, driver nor emergency operations. Do not distract emergency personnel, track workers nor fans. Only wear photo vests while track side or in hot pit areas when track or series-issued photo vests are required. Keep clear of areas where other media are working or in areas where media are recording. All photography and videography must be for editorial purposes and all subject matters should be for the purpose of your particular assignment. 
Agreement: By submitting this form. you agree to all policies and guidelines as stated above. In conjunction, by submitting this form, you assume all risk and danger incidental to the sport of racing, whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to the actual race, including specifically (but not limited to) the danger of being injured by car parts or tires and agree that Lime Rock Park, the participating clubs and drivers and other individuals are not liable for injuries resulting from such causes. Lime Rock Park reserves the right to inspect any vehicle or package before entering the park.
NOTE: If you have any problems filling out this form, please contact Matt Cleary at
Do you wish to attend one event during the season (receives a media access wristband) or do you wish to attend multiple events during the season (receives media access hard card with your name and photo)?
NOTE - If you are applying for a Single Event Credential, please provide the name of the event that you would like the credential for. If you are applying for a Season Long Event Credential, skip this or enter Season Long.
Describe your occupation as it relates to media coverage of an event at Lime Rock Park.
What organization(s) will you represent while you are at Lime Rock Park, including digital, print, tv, radio and social media. Include links when relevant.
Describe the audience of the media outlets that you work for, including circulation, viewership, followers, and /or coverage region.
Provide Name, Title, Company Name, Email and Phone for at least of the editors who have given you the assignment.
Describe the editorial assignment that you have been given for Lime Rock Park.
If available, share a link to or a description of the most recent editorial coverage you have provided Lime Rock Park.
Will you be using any of the content obtained at Lime Rock Park for commercial purposes, including selling content to fans, drivers, teams, manufacturers, race officials or for-profit distributors? (NOTE: Your credential may be revoked if your content is used for commercial purposes without prior approval.)
If you answered YES to the previous question, describe your plans to provide the content obtained at Lime Rock Park for Commercial Purposes.
Will you require a photographer's safety vest? These vests are only issued to skilled photographers who wish to work outside of the spectator safety fence and track side at the designated photography areas. If you answer YES, you will have to provide details on your track-side photography experience, attend a photography safety meeting and obtain approval by Lime Rock Park's Media, Photography or Emergency Services Staff. You do not need a photo vest for photography in team/competitor compounds in A or B Paddocks, the Start/Finish Tower Observation Deck or to shoot inside the spectator fence lines. You will be required to wear an approved safety vest or one issued by the track or race series.
If you answered YES to the previous question, describe your track side photography experience, including the number of years that you have been granted track side/hot pit access at Lime Rock Park.
At any time have you ever had your media credential revoked at Lime Rock Park or any other race track?
If you answered YES to the previous question, describe the circumstances around why your credential was revoked.
If you are seeking a Season Long Media Credential, which will be issued no later than April 15th of the current season, please submit your headshot. Headshots must be current depictions of your current features, including hair color and include your entire face in the photo. Submit images with only one person in the photo. If you received a Season Long Hard Card Media Credential from Lime Rock Park during the previous season, and would like to use that photo, do not include a photo here.
By clicking YES here, you agree to follow the Media Credential Policies and Guidelines at all times, and understand that if your conduct for any reason is not appropriate that any member of the Staff or Volunteer representing Lime Rock Park may revoke your Credential and escort you off the premises.
Insert the date that you are submitting this form.
Type your full name here acknowledging that the information you provided is accurate and that you agree to Lime Rock Park's Media Credential Policy and Guidelines.
Before being issued a Season Long Media Credential Hard Card, or Single Event Credential with Photo Vest, you are required to fill out and submit the Lime Rock Park Track Waiver. The waiver must be PRINTED IN COLOR, SIGNED AND DATED, NOTARIZED and SUBMITTED FLAT WITHOUT BEING FOLDED. ORIGINAL WAIVERS MUST BE SUBMITTED - No Scans or copies. Those who do not follow these directions when submitting their Track Waiver will be automatically denied a Season Long Credential. You can mail in or deliver the waiver to Marlane White, Lime Rock Park, 497 Lime Rock Road, Lakeville CT, 06039. If the track office is closed at the time of delivery, you may place your waiver in a flat, letter-sized envelope labeled Attn: Marlane White and place it inside the building's side screen door. Lime Rock Park offers free notary services by appointment and during Track Office hours. Call Jen Murphy at 860-435-5000 to arrange for your waiver to be notarized. The waiver is available to PRINT IN COLOR from this link:
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