Thank You To Our EMS Workers During National EMS Week

Lime Rock Park would like to give special thanks to all the frontline and essential workers who place their lives at risk to serve others during the pandemic. During National EMS Week, we'd also like to show our appreciation for first responders, including those EMS employees who serve Lime Rock Park. Many of the Park's EMS staff are currently working on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Lime Rock’s Director of Emergency Services Zach Sawicki (pictured right) is among them. When he’s not at the track, Zach is the Paramedic Supervisor for the company that staffs New Milford Ambulance. He says that since the coronavirus outbreak, more rigid protocols have been put in place, intensifying the demands of each emergency response.  

He also shared that through this chaos, life continues. “During this pandemic, we certainly see the nasty side of the disease, but at the same time, we still respond to general 911 calls,” he said. “A few weeks ago, I responded to a childbirth call and amidst all that’s going on, we brought a precious life into the world right there on the side of the road.”  

While Lime Rock feels Zach is a hero, he will humbly disagree. “I signed up to do this job and nothing has really changed regarding putting my life on the line. We go to dangerous situations all the time; this is just another day.”  

It should also be mentioned that In March, Zach immediately responded to health officials' urgent request for supplies by donating Lime Rock’s stockpile of PPE to local healthcare workers.

Thank you to Zach, his staff, and all of you who serve your communities by providing emergency medical services.

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