Can I purchase fuel at Lime Rock Park?

Yes, when Lime Rock Park is open, you may purchase fuel at the VP fuel station in B Paddock. Fuel pumps require credit card. No cash accepted. Lime Rock's hours of operation varies depending on the event schedule; however, it is typically open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. During those times, feel free to contact the track office to see if the main gain or track office gate is open. The track office can be reached at (860) 435-5000.


93 unleaded (up to 10% ethanol)                                   $6.50/gal
(100) VP100 unleaded (oxygenated-ethanol free)         $10.75/gal
(110) VP 110-leaded (oxygenated-ethanol free)            $10.75/gal
(112) C12-leaded (oxygenated-ethanol free)                 $11.50/gal

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