Forget Virtual Reality: Go for the Real This Christmas


Our cyber-lives are filled with virtual this and online that. We stare at pixels as we walk the halls of malls. Not too far down the road, the fun of driving will be taken away as we find ourselves ensconced in self-directed pods.

It's time to get real... Let’s get out there and drive, people!

Naturally, Lime Rock Park offers up Christmas and holiday gifts where you do exactly that.

Here are some excellent choices for Lime Rock Driving Gift Certificates:

1. Lime Rock Drivers Club Track Day  This is a rare, exclusive and very special gift certificate. An LRDC Track Day is the ultimate expression of the desire to drive your car on a famous, historic, world-class race track at speed, coached from the right seat by a topline professional driver. Five-star hospitality for two is included. Bring your car to one of the world’s most famous race tracks and become a VIP Member for a day. Lime Rock Drivers Club Track Day Gift Certificates are available for $1,250. Scheduling the day is as easy as a phone call beginning in February. To purchase or for more information, please contact Club Administrator Jeanette Veitenheimer at 860.435.5000, ext. 104 or

2. Lime Rock Autocross Days: Winter and Summer  Our mini race track in the Infield is the perfect place to have safe, fast, affordable fun in your car. In the winter, we make and groom our own snow – you’ll have the time of your life getting your car “slideways!” – while in the spring, summer and fall, the Lime Rock autocross is the place to test the limits of yourself and your car, without the risks of a regular race track. Lime Rock Autocross Gift Certificates are available starting at $225. To purchase or for more informayion, please contact the Track Offic at 860.435.5000, or

WAX-b-249    SAX-a-249

SPECIAL INFORMATION: Ever wanted to drive a real race car? Now you can with LRDC’s brand new race car rental program. Starting in 2017, LRDC will have on offer a fully insured, professionally coached driving program that features three state of the art race cars: a Musante Motorsports Cayman S GTB1; an Autoworks factory built BMW M235i; and a Mazda Miata MX-5 Cup car. For more information, please contact LRDC Director Simon Kirkby at or 248.761.2729

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