One Honored Guest was also 'Honored Driver'


►One of the two Honored Guests at the Festival was here not only to meet-and-greet, sign autographs and make new friends... he was here to race! John Morton brought his gear bag to pedal three cars over the weekend:

In Group 5: For Murray's Tin-Top Trophy, “Wildly assorted sporting sedans,” John will be racing the #50 1970 Fiat Abarth TC-1000

In Group 6: For the Sportsman's Choice Award, “Mid-century sports & racing cars,” he’s in the amazing #50 1955 Lancia D50 Replica, courtesy of The Revs Institute, Naples, Florida. (Note: The Race Group in which Morton will drive the D50 is subject to change.)

In Group 8: For Finn's Formula Libre Award, “Post-1970 sports & racing cars,” John’s racing the #01 1962 Lotus 23B (Morton raced his own Lotus 23 successfully in the 1960s)

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