AxIS Shootout

1:00-5:30 p.m. AxIS is the acronym for Lime Rock Park’s “Autocross Invitational Shoot-out,” co-sponsored by Spectro Oils and Motorcars, Inc., of Plainville, Conn. It is the end-of-year autocross competition where the fastest drivers from the season’s Autocross Days are invited to race against the clock in hopes of being crowned the Lime Rock Autocross champion. This year, AxIS is Saturday, October 24. At the end of every Autocross Day from April through October, each participant is given the opportunity to lap the Lower Autocross the fastest they can. All the times are recorded (thank you, Spectro Oils, for the zoomy electronic timing system), and at the end of the season, the year's quickest drivers are eligible to enter the AxIS competition, at no charge. The morning of AxIS is spent with all drivers practicing. After the catered lunch, the Shoot-out begins...Using the full half-mile autocross track, each driver gets an out lap, five timed “flyers,” then the cool-down lap. It’s fun to watch and of course, even more fun to do! When everyone has finished doing their best, the results are tallied as everyone heads to the Infield Chalet for the awards banquet. After some good food and beverage, we announce the top three drivers of the day, with some nice prizes and trophies for the winners. Whoever the Autocross Champion is, it’s been well-earned, as he or she has beaten hundreds of other drivers to the title! Copy this link to your web browser for details of Lime Rock Park's Open Autocross Days:  2019 AxIS Standings:

Saturday, October 23, 2021 - 13:00

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