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Modified Machines Motorsport Track Day!
JDM vs MUSCLE theme shootout! Come race with us or just hang to spectate! All makes and models welcome to join the fun!
We will be running the new track layout with the new extended addition - you will get a TON of wheel time!
Event will consist of Fun Runs & Timed runs!

Registration and Payment
DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM ANYONE BUT from our website! Scammers are out there trying to sell fake tickets
$130 for Track day
Spectators are FREE
REGISTRATION IS OPEN for the track slots
Visit us and send payment to our paypal

Event Time and details
Registration 8:30am
Drivers meetings: 8:45am
Racing starts: 9am

Safety Requirements
-Must Wear pants
-Must wear shoes
-NO Motorcycles / Trucks / SUVs
Media Guys
Media - Contact us if you would like to be Media at this event!
Lime Rock charges $250 for this Exact Event! Modified Machines wants to make it affordable for everyone to enjoy a ton of wheel time at a affordable price for only $130! Awesome deal for the wheel time you will get!
- Beginner to advanced skill levels
- Any car can participate
- Instructors provided for FREE
- 9am-5pm of continuous runs of Wheel time for you!
- Fun runs and a timed competition with trophies
- Food Truck on Site
- Spectators are FREE watch
- Kid & Family friendly
- Dog allowed / leashed

Lime Rock Super Cross Info:
-Driving Instructors will be provided for FREE (If you are a experienced driver and want volunteer as a instructor - Message me)
-Any skill level welcome from New to Expert
-No cones which means No work duties on the field
-Only 2 classes - Street tire and Race tire
-No Helmets Required (however you can wear one if you'd like)
-No car Inspection
-Karts are not allowed

Lime Rock Track Rules:
-8 hours of total track time
-60 car limit
-6 to 9 cars on the track at one time
-6-8 mins runs then alternate with the next group

Track Rules
-No Alcohol
-Dogs allowed -leashed
-No Gas Grills
-No Burnouts / revving
-No loud music / speaker boxes
**All pre-registrations sales are final with NO refunds**

Thursday, October 28, 2021 - 09:00

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