Lime Rock Drivers Club: Fun in the Snow!

WAX Blast

This week’s crazily snowy conditions up and down the East Coast calls for a brand-new video, one that we shot just six days ago.

And by “we,” we mean Casey Keil, one of Lime Rock’s two brilliant photographers.

Casey is not afraid of the drone. Hold that thought...

The Lime Rock Drivers Club (LRDC) is the exclusive club whose members pay a not-unsubstantial sum to get, basically, two fantastic things: Racing and driving coaching of the highest order, and the run of the track – it becomes their personal, private playground – 40 to 60 days per year.

Hey, when you own a street McLaren or a Porsche GT3 Cup or a Radical or a Lambo Aventador, you’d be dumb not to join the LRDC, right?

Anyway, last Saturday the LRDC members put together what they called a “WAX” – a Winter Autocross Day – up in the Infield. Huge, huge fun, a bonfire, and of course the most important thing... hot chocolate.

Casey brought all his gear, including his brand-new drone (did you know you have to get an FAA license to legally use one? Yes, Casey has his license...), and shot the heck out of the day.

Then he put this video together.




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