29 Reasons to Buy an AX Day at LRP

(Heads up! Secret contest inside!) 

Besides being a whole tub o' fun, an Open Autocross Day at Lime Rock Park lets you learn and practice car-control skills. Something the drivers of these cars may have wished they had a tiny bit more of, right?

Anyway, because you were smart enough to click on the link that brought you here, you now have a chance to win a seat in a Lime Rock Park Open Enrollment Autocross Day.

That's right, be one of the first two (2) people to correctly identify the car (carmaker and model) in photo number 18, and an Open AX Day is yours. We don't expect you to know the exact year, but you need at least know the era.

The decision about who's right and who's wrong remains solely with Lime Rock's Impresario of the Autocross, the King of Exit Speed, the Nattering Nabob of Negative Camber... Mr. Walter "Swervin'" Irvine.

Email your guess direct to walter@limerock.com.

Ok, take a look at these "incidents," each, sadly, involving nice rides...

...and he was only going 30 mph, right?

Who thought a Mustang could get too hot?

You be the judge on this one...

I thought you were supposed to drive these off the back of the car carrier...

Hey, Steve Miller! Not everything's better when wet!

Proof that a Corvette will not fit in a shopping cart.

The long forgotten Pontiac Tornados...

T-boned and rolled... 

Just cosmetic

Cars from the 70s were known for their tree-hugging weight

Looks like more shopping cart damage...

New Vette color: Incendiary Blue Metallic

The classic "I swear, it just fell out of the sky!" accident.

Wait... another Corvette?

What happens with too much wheel hop...

Hope he had WeatherTech Floor Liners

Oh, man, this looks almost... hey, is this what they mean by "car porn"?

Tell us what this is and you can win an Autocross Day at Lime Rock Sat., Feb. 15

Torque wrenches. Learn about 'em...

No It can't be... another Corvette? What the hell's going on around here?

I don't think this one's real... and it's another Corvette

No comment

I hope those lifts in the background didn't have anything to do with this...

You know, this guy better stop overcooking his front brakes or else he's gonna be in real trouble... Um, is that another Vette?

Yes, we know. It's a hot rod...

If we turn this right side up, are we going to see another Vette?

And you think the car's safe inside the closed trailer

Oh, boy...

The Beach Boys never sang about their 409s suffering this... Wait, this is a Chevelle, not an Impala.
Chevelles didn't have 409s. Did the Beach Boys ever sing about 396s? Or was that just the Monkees?




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