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True story. After Saturday’s first of two Ferrari Challenge races, and before the start of the second, I took Onofrio Triarsi, the overall and Trofeo Pirelli class winner, and Brent Lawrence, the Coppa Shell class victor, up to the Lime Rock Fan Hospitality compound. We wanted them to talk a bit about the race they had finished just 20 minutes earlier, and to answer any questions our Fan Hospitality guests had.

On the golf cart ride up to the chalet, I asked them what they thought about racing at Lime Rock, as a stand-alone event. “This is fantastic,” Onofrio (I call him “Over Time”) said. “I can’t believe how many people came, you know, for us.”

Brent said, “This really is a great place for us to come. The fans, the track... we feel like superstars here.”

After the talk and Q&A, the guys really had to get back down to their rigs to go over the data with the engineers and coaches, and I was trying to hustle them out, but guess what... they stuck around for another 20 minutes because the fans wanted photos and autographs and handshakes and there were babies needing to be kissed. Yup, like superstars...

Lime Rock Park is the only race track Ferrari Challenge goes to where it is the only series on track. And that’s because you guys are knowledgeable, loyal fans who “get” the Lime Rock experience. The drivers felt it in the air, and all I have to say is, that’s cool. And thanks...

Here are some great shots from the day by stellar shooters Greg Clark and Casey Keil. (Over Time is in the camo-colored #23 F458, while Brent is in the #14.)

- Rick Roso

The PDFs of the full results are on and can be clicked-through directly here (R1) and here (R2).

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