Ferrari Challenge Re-cap

It was not just about the racin'
With weather reminiscent of springtime in Maranello, Ferrari Challenge at Lime Rock Saturday, July 21,was a park-wide festa, Italian attitudine spilling out of the paddock and across the track’s near 400 acres. You couldn’t swing a meatball tied to a strand of spaghetti without hitting a Ferrari; old ones, new ones, racing ones, old racing ones. It was... fantastico.

And the racing was pretty darn good, too.

In race one, Onofrio Triarsi – he’s 40 and looks 19 – took the win to extend his Trofeo Pirelli points lead, with Carlos Kauffman second and Mike Zoi third. Fourth overall and first in the Coppa Shell division was Robert Herjavec (“Shark Tank” star), followed by class-mates Jose Valera and Guy LaClerc.

Race two was a Kauffmann cakewalk as he held Triarsi at bay the entire race, Zoi again garnering another P3. Winner of Coppa Shell was fourth-place LeClerc, over Ryan Ockey and Jim Booth.

You know what the day was?

Era una festa di Ferrari!

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