Wallaces -- and Walls -- at LRP

ESPN announcer Rusty Wallace and one of his sons, NASCAR Nationwide driver Stevie (Rusty calls him “Steven,” just so you know), came to Lime Rock Park Tuesday the 26th for the April “Test & Tune Day.” Why? Because the two were doing the baseline set-up work on a 2010 Nationwide Camry Rusty had sold to Bob Aft, a Killingworth, Conn., businessman.

Stevie went out first and put about 10 laps in. “We guessed pretty darn close on the set-up,” the younger Wallace said. “Shocks, camber, wedge, all good. A bit of tire pressure change and the car was handling great.”

Rusty then took the reins and put some hot laps in; coming in, he agreed with his son that the car was good to go. “Whew, it’s awesome! We have to de-tune the engine just a bit, because we want Bob to have a long engine life. It runs perfect, I feel like I’m giving the owner a new car and the keys and sending him out the showroom floor!”

Later in the day, Bob, who owns Alliance Scaffolding, a specialty maker of scaffolding for the nuclear power plant industry, took his new car out for some laps. He had an incident in the Uphill, but it was mostly sheetmetal damage. The Wallaces will take the car back to Charlotte and hang new panels for him.

“These guys have been so nice to me,” Aft said. “I bought the car at auction late last year, and true to his word, Rusty flew out here to my home track with his crewman to give me a good baseline. This is so cool... Rusty and Stevie driving hard at Lime Rock, which they’ve never been to before.”

Rusty said, “Man, this is a great track. I didn’t know it was so hard to drive, you know, to be fast. Love it. Beautiful track.”

For those who might not remember, when Rusty was in Cup he was very good on road courses, banking multiple wins at Riverside and Watkins Glen.

RustySteveBruce         RustySBRS
Rusty & Stevie get some track info from Bruce MacInnes    
Rusty spent some time with an admiring crew of SBRS mechanics, too

Rusty (l.) went shopping in the Store! That's Bob Aft on the left

Group           RustySimon
Left to right: Steven Wallace, Bob Aft, Rusty Wallace                                                  
Club Director Simon Kirkby was helping Rusty too

RustySignFan    RobRustySweat
An ardent R.W. fan gets her jacket signed by the NASCAR icon                           
Fresh out of the car, Rusty updates Bob on the set-up

T1Steve      RustMust
Stevie was out first, here entering Big Bend                                                             
Rusty went out after Stevie and had to put an outside move on a Mustang into Big Bend

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