Grand-Am DP Test Day

28909_389871059002_44115954002_4064604_5501817_nLAKEVILLE, CONN. (April 27, 2010) - The Grand-Am Road Racing Series is testing at the track today. The Rolex Sports Car Series featuring the Daytona Prototypes and the GT cars have taken to the track officially for the first time ever. Many of these drivers have never raced Lime Rock and on a day like today, rain, no rain, rain - they're going to get some good testing in.

There are 11 DP teams and 8 GT teams at the track. The DP teams are averaging 1:03 - 1:04 lap times and the GT cars are averaging 1:07 - 1:08 lap times.

Quote from owner Michael Shank of Michael Shank Racing - "I can already tell the Lime Rock race is going to be a scrappy one. The track is short and tight. We can guarantee door-to-door racing!"

For photos from the test day, click here:

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