Lime Rock Park Fan Alert!

Lime Rock Park Fan Alert!

In the run-up to the upcoming Sept. 4-7 Lime Rock Park Vintage Festival, there was a very rare motorsport occurrence yesterday – and it was recorded on video...

Video footage of the rare Mercedes-Benz W154 Silver Arrow lapping a race track for the first time since the start of WWII...

Thanks to SCCA driver and corner marshal John Godfrey, the historic event of the last W154 ever built being driven at Lime Rock Park – the first time it’s done so since it finished second at the Belgrade Grand Prix, virtually moments after the start of WWII – was recorded on video

Godfrey has graciously hosted the video for all to see.

Lime Rock Park Vintage Festival organizer Murray Smith was the driver.

Please click on the following link to see what few eyes have gazed upon until now... and what you can see live this weekend at Lime Rock Park.


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