What Makes the Vintage Festival at Lime Rock Park Great?

What Makes the Vintage Festival at Lime Rock Park Great?

Come Friday, Sept. 4 through Monday, Sept. 7 and see!

Lime Rock Park’s Vintage Festival is just a bit more than two weeks away and it will truly be one of the best in the Festival’s 27 years. There are at least 240 entries – 70 more than last year – and there are nine huge race groups.

What makes the Vintage Festival such a great event?

  • Hundreds of ready-to-race vintage cars
  • A vibrant paddock, bristling with history, where you can walk right up to the owners and cars
  • New this year: Friday is all practice and qualifying, making Saturday and Monday but non-stop sprint and endurance races
  • The bigger-and-better-every-year “Sunday in the Park,” one of the finest car shows on the East Coast, hundreds of cars lining much of Lime Rock’s 1.53 miles
  • Some of you will remember seeing these cars when they raced in their heydays ... while other folks will know of these cars and their place in racing lore, but have never seen them up close – until now
  • A teeming Swap Meet, where all manner of automotive treasures will be on view and for sale
  • Lime Rock Park is a beautiful venue, unlike any other road racing circuit in North America. No grandstands; just trees, grassy hillsides and a setting that just might take your breath away

You want a taste of the kinds of cars accepted into this year’s Vintage Festival? Click here for a PDF of the entry list. We didn’t have the room to list every car, but you’ll see everything from one-off specials of the 1930s to Lolas, McLarens, Crossles, Chevrons, Alfas, Vettes, Coopers, Brabhams... a stunning entry list, to say the least.

And we haven’t even mentioned the presence of one of the rarest cars in the vintage universe, the Mercedes-Benz W 154 Silver Arrow, a Grand Prix racing car designed by Rudolf Uhlenhaut. The W154 competed in the 1938 and 1939 Grand Prix seasons and was used by Rudolf Caracciola to win the 1938 European Championship.

The engine is a 3000cc supercharged V12, attaining an output between 425-474 horse power. In 1939, the 2-stage supercharged version of this 2,961.54cc V12 engine recorded a test-bed power of 476 b.h.p. at 7,800 rpm.

And the current owner, The Collier Collection of Naples, Fla., plans on taking this fantastic Grand Prix car on-track for demonstration laps on Saturday and Monday – a rare occurrence indeed!

The 27th Annual Vintage Festival at Lime Rock Park. Come join the extravaganza!

Tickets are available on-line at limerock.com, or by calling 1-800-RACE-LRP (800-722-3577).

As always, parking is free, and children 12-and-under are admitted free. Be sure to ask about purchasing a “VIP Fan Hospitality” pass, too.

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