American Le Mans – Almost Time!

American Le Mans – Almost Time! 

It’s the ALMS Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park!

The A- and B Paddocks are crowded with the teams, the campers are coming, the (Warning! Product pitches coming up!) Harpoon beer is chilled and we’ve got plenty of Grote & Weigel Frankfurters!

This is a great weekend of road racing, folks. We’ve got the Le Mans Prototypes and GT cars, plus two exciting open-wheel championships – and everything’s set to start rocking and rolling Friday morning.

There are a couple of cool last-minute things we wanted to tell you about:

* told us they are going to broadcast live streaming video of ALMS qualifying on Friday, 17 July starting at 3:30pm. Tune in and watch!

* TriArts, which is staging an exciting number from “High School Musical 2” on Saturday in pit lane, has a “classic hits” Big Band Concert at nearby Music Mountain, Saturday night, 18 JUly at 6:30pm. Tickets are $30.

And don’t forget about the Carpool Kickback, where we are “bribing” you to be green! Use every seatbelt in your vehicle and we’ll give you free tickets to upcoming races. Click here for the details.

Another reminder: The very popular fan Specialty Car Lot is set to go again. All of our fans who arrive in interesting and special vehicles get their very own parking spot! Click here for the details.

Last but not least, the famous Lime Rock Park Midway will have all the cool vendors and displays you’ve asked us for, including the return of the extremely popular iRacing Simulator: Race around Lime Rock Park in a sim that makes it hard to believe you’re not actually on the track! And it’s free...

See you at the track!

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