Lime Rock Park Pays Tribute to Phil Hill

Lime Rock Park Pays Tribute to Phil Hill

Phil Hill, America’s first Formula One World Championship, passed away Thursday, 28 August 2008 at the age of 81.  A tribute will be made during this weekend’s Rolex Vintage Festival.

For 17 years Phil Hill’s Formula One record was unchallenged and today is shared with only one other American, Mario Andretti. Hill remains the only American born Formula One champion.  Hill has won other countless races including the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans (three times), the 12 Hours of Sebring (three times), the Argentine 1000 Km (three times), the Grand Prix of Italy (twice) and the Belgian Grand Prix.

Hill was not just a racecar driver, but was a lifelong enthusiast with an intense passion and knowledge of cars. “Everybody knows he was a world champion and a great driver, but not everyone knows he was a car guy, through and through,” states Skip Barber, President of Lime Rock Park and friend of Hill.  “He was winning concours’ when he started racing and he had a great restoration shop.  He restored cars that had been in his family and as an adult restored the family Packard – the one that Phil’s parents drove him home in from the hospital when he was born; the same car that Phil continued to drive to this day.  His son raced in our series in the same time period as Dan Gurney’s son and Parnelli Jones’ son, among other famous last names.  Phil Hill was the most considerate, fair and reasonable famous racing father we have ever had.  He was a good and humble man.”

Lime Rock Park will pay tribute to Phil Hill this weekend with a moment of silence followed by Amazing Grace during the lunchtime break on Saturday.  And on Monday, all participating drivers are encouraged to join in an honorary parade lap during the lunchtime break.

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