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Venture Capitalist. Venture Racer.

Jim Craige, member of The Club at Lime Rock Park, takes full advantage

It wasn’t until 2002 when Jim Craige decided that being in the driver’s seat was where he wanted to spend his extra time (and this time “the driver’s seat” wasn’t in reference to the corporate world).  Always a fan of motorsports, Craige received a one-day gift certificate from his brother to the Skip Barber Racing School in 2000.  Craige could have told you right then and there that wouldn’t be the last time in the drivers seat.  Signing up for the three day racing school sealed the deal that lead Craige into driving for the Skip Barber Eastern Series in 2002…and hasn’t stopped participating ever since. This weekend, Craige is a registered driver in the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge (#44, Team Speedworks).

In 2007, Craige was one of the founding members to join The Club at Lime Rock Park.  “There are two main reasons why I joined The Club at Lime Rock Park,” Craig stated with enthusiasm.  “The track time that is available is the most attractive reason for me to join.  Also, I could see the camaraderie of this active membership base starting to form – and that’s fun.  And, preserving a historic track just makes a lot of sense.”

As his first race with the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge, Craige qualified an impressive ninth today during Round Five at Lime Rock Park. “I know the track well, but the Ford Mustang is a different type of race car to drive considering I’m used to formula cars.”

When asked about his strategy in tomorrow’s race, Craig firmly stated that after the green flag waves, he plans to gain several spots by Turn Two.  “If I don’t get a move on at the beginning, I’ll get stuck in traffic, the leaders will take off, lap me and then I’m done for the day,” Craige said as he laughed.  Traffic is always something to master when racing at Lime Rock Park…let’s cheer on one of our own.The race starts at 11:05am, don’t miss it!

The race starts at 11:05am, don’t miss it!

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