We Want Your Old Lime Rock Photos!

 With Lime Rock Park’s “Celebrating 60 Years” getting underway, we think this is a great idea: Asking you for photos taken in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s – even the 1990s.
Because we want a whole bunch of “Memories of Lime Rock” photos to publish in the 2017 No Name Magazine, the LRP website, newsletters... maybe even to hang in a Lime Rock chalet!

So we would love if you found one or two of your favorite Lime Rock photographs from the past... of your family and friends, drivers, corner workers, the crowds on the hillsides, the paddocks, track employees, camping, John Fitch, Jim Vaill, Paul Newman... then emailed them to us.
How cool is that?
Now, please read the following, as it will increase the chances of your photo being chosen!
► Important: Send your photos to photos@limerock.com
► Do not send your photos to info@limerock
► We know that most of you with old photos have them as prints, so it is important that you turn them into digital files that you can email to us: Lime Rock is simply not equipped with the resources to accept and return prints
► The good news is that “digitizing” prints is easy!
1. If you have a scanner at home or work, scan (as pdf or jpg) the print at a high-resolution setting
2. Take your print to Staples or Kinkos, and they can scan it for you for a nominal fee
► If you have a color slide, you need to go to a proper photo store, which can produce a print from a slide. Then follow the steps above for digitizing a print
► Please provide as much pertinent info as you can regarding the image: Who/What/When/Why/Where in the Park, etc.
We cannot use any copyrighted photography, sorry.
Send your digital imagery to photos@limerock.com.
(Contact us if you have a great shot but absolutely can’t get to a Staples or Kinkos for them to help you scan a print; we may ask you to snail-mail the print to us.)
We need your "Memories of Lime Rock" photography no later than Monday, April 3, okay?
Lime Rock Park fans are the heart and soul of this great track, which is celebrating 60 years of history, excitement and beauty in 2017. And to celebrate Lime Rock means to celebrate you... so thank you!


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