Autocross Lapping Day

Even as many of you are buying tickets and getting ready for Lime Rock’s season opener – the Pirelli World Challenge & Royals Garage Car Show featuring Wayne Carini (Friday/Saturday is the racing; Sunday is the car show, all during Memorial Day weekend, May 26-28) – we want to let everyone know that our first Autocross Lapping Day of year is this coming Saturday, April 22. It’s not only affordable ($250), you don’t even need prior “experience” – or even a sports car – to do an Autocross Lapping Day. You don't even need a helmet. What you do do is have a huge amount of fun driving your car fast on Lime Rock’s 1/4- and 1/2-mile mini race track that’s in the Infield. There are no fences or barriers to worry about, so if you “over-cook” it, you you’re headed off to the dirt and grass, not the body shop. The four or so hours of “track time” is under the watchful eyes of pro driving coaches, so you can ask for feedback on your technique if you wish. Car prep? Not a lot needed: Take out everything loose that’s in the cockpit and trunk, arrive with a full tank of gas, and bring a tire gauge (we have a nice air pump in the paddock). Want more description? Click here! There are still some slots open for Saturday, April 22; you can purchase your Autocross Lapping Day online, easy as pie. You're also more than welcome to call us at 860.435.5000. Autocross Lapping Days... it's a blast to go fast!

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