Who Has Cabin Fever? Good News...Memorial Day Countdown Begins!

As winter continues, many of us have devopled "cabin fever." Stuck indoors and stuck in a rut? Have that urge to get outdoors after being inside too long? I know here in Northwest Connecticut it's forecasted to snow tomorrow -- yes we have CABIN FEVER!

But today, let's declare it as the perfect day to get ready for having a case of "spring fever." Let's all imagine having that feeling of restlessness and excitement as the flowers start to sprout, the sun is shining bright, the sky is blue and thankfully, spring has returned.

To be technical, spring is more than a month away. Officially it begins on March 20, 2018. But today, we are still celebrating!

In fact, today (February 16, 2018) is actually a reason to celebrate as it marks the 100-day countdown until Memorial Day Monday (May 28, 2018). And this year especially, Lime Rock Park will be the place to be for the special holiday. As you may have already read from our recent announcement, auto racing during the Pirelli World Challenge has returned to Monday. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

“The return of Monday races during the Pirelli World Challenge brings back the long-held tradition during Lime Rock Park’s season opener," said Skip Barber, Owner and President of Lime Rock Park. "This allows you to enjoy a broad variety of events, including two days of racing and a car show on Sunday.”

Yet, before we even get to Memorial Day Monday, the activities for the weekend at the Park will start on Friday, giving you the opportunity for a fun-filled, four-day weekend. Here's a quick look at the schedule:

Thursday, May 24 - General Camping & Reserved RV Opens at 12:00 P.M.
Friday, May 25 - Practice/Qualifying
Saturday, May 26 - Racing
Sunday, May 27 - Royals Garage Sunday Car Show
Monday, May 28 - Racing
Tuesday, May 29 - Camping/RV Closes at 12:00 P.M.

It's less than 100 days away, but never too early to start planning your weekend at Lime Rock. See you then!


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