Celebrate International Women’s Day & Women In Racing

Today (March 8) is International Women’s Day and here at Lime Rock Park, we’re celebrating the occasion by honoring women in the world of motorsports and those with a passion for auto racing. From female drivers like Shea Holbrook (pictured here), who currently races in the Pirelli World Challenge series, to the female members of the Lime Rock Drivers Club, there are countless women who participate in auto racing today.

Women are not only partaking in motorsports in record numbers, more and more are becoming adoring fans of auto racing in its many forms. To the fearless female racecar drivers and racing fans, we honor you on this day. To learn more, read the recent blog by the the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) "Driven to be Bold--Motor Sport and International Women's Day" or find out about the mission of FIA's Women in Motorsport Commission. 

Join The Race

To those of you women out there who have an interest in challenging yourself in what has traditionally been a man’s sport, we encourage you on this International Women’s Day to join the world of auto racing this year.

Here at Lime Rock Park, we know that it can be especially life changing for women who venture out of their comfort zones and receive professional driving instruction. Learning one of the most challenging sports in the world is simply empowering for both men and women.

Even if you have little to no experience driving on a road course or racetrack, Lime Rock Park offers you the opportunity to drive fast while learning the skills of controlling a car at speed. It’s fun, exhilarating and gives you a practical skillset that translates to the real world.

Of the driving programs offered by Lime Rock Park, Summer Autocross is one of the easiest ways to get started in the sport. Summer Autocross allows individuals to use your own car, in most cases, without having to rent a vehicle and receive one-on-one instruction by a professional driving instructor. 

With various dates starting in late April, these programs introduce you to car control in the high-performance setting, including Lime Rock Park’s Autocross Course. This .44-mile permanent, paved road course with multiple curves and varying elevations is fun and perfect for beginners. Not only does it have basic requirements of the vehicles that may drive on it, but it’s located in an open space with plenty of grassy runoff areas and virtually nothing to run into.

The Lime Rock Park Autocross as well as the Skidpad are the perfect places for the beginner to experience the excitement of track driving! A full schedule starting in late April and more details can be found at http://limerock.com/summer-autocross-days.

Lime Rock Park is also celebrating women with a new program in partnership with nearby Winvian Resort. The Women at the Wheel program offers women the opportunity to participate in a two-day retreat that includes accommodations at the resort and a private, half-day race car driving lesson here at the Park. To learn more about Winivan Farm’s Women at the Wheel program, visit www.winvian.com/packages/women-at-the-wheel.

So come on women, and men, and join us here at Lime Rock Park for a new adventure.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marlane White is the Public Relations and Communications Manger at Lime Rock Park. As a native of North Carolina, she has long had a passion for auto racing, attending numerous races and racing events in and around her home state. She now lives in Western Connecticut and has made it her mission to connect new audiences to the world of motorsports.

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