Programs for Individuals

Summer Autocross Programs

1. Do you have little or no experience driving on a road course, and want to drive fast and have fun? Do you want to teach your child (or yourself) the practical car control skills necessary to control a vehicle in a low-traction event or emergency maneuver? This is the way for you to start! The Infield Autocross Course is a .44-mile permanent, paved road course intended exactly for that purpose, and has only very basic requirements of vehicles that may participate. Though rental cars are available, you don’t need a specialized vehicle or race car, and in fact the majority of participants use their personal street cars. With programs that reward entertainment and practicing car control in a high-performance setting without the higher risks of starting out on a higher-speed track, and a course layout with lots of grass runoff area and few things to run into in case you make a mistake, the autocross is the perfect place for the beginner to experience the excitement of track driving. It’s just good old fun!
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Winter Autocross Programs

2. Have you ever dreamed about doing donuts in your local parking lot in the winter, but thought better of it because of the consequences? Is your commute to work in the snow not the ideal winter rally stage? Do you want to teach your child (or yourself) the practical skills necessary to drive in a winter environment that takes up almost half of the year in the Northeast? We have what you need! Check out our Winter Driving programs, offered on the Infield Snow Course in January, February and (sometimes) March. There are programs for fun (we mean you, the “donuts in a snowy parking lot” person) and for education and practice (for the anxious snow drivers or scared parents of newly-licensed teens.)
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Track Days on the 1.5-mile Road Course

3. Are you an intermediate high-performance driver ready to take the step from autocross to driving on the big track, or an experienced track driver new to the area wondering about your track day options? Or, are you an experienced track driver looking to graduate from occasional participation and find a home for your hobby that allows you to socialize with other enthusiasts and drive more frequently? The historic layout, freshly-paved 1.5-mile Lime Rock Park road course is rented by a variety of clubs, organizations and businesses that give you the opportunity to participate in the HPDE (High Performance Driving Event) hobby from the end of March through the end of November. Included in that group is a driving club started by Lime Rock Park President and Owner Skip Barber as a home for devout track day and sports car racing hobbyists: the Lime Rock Drivers Club.
Check out the full list of the above-mentioned HPDE organizations that run at Lime Rock Park.

Car Clubs with High Performance Driving Education (HPDE) Autocross Days at Lime Rock Park:

Sports Car Driving Association (SCDA)

Nutmeg Miata Club

NY/CT Viper Owners Association

Velocity Driving, LLC

Racing Schools & Club Racing

4. Finally, are you serious about exploring track driving from the competitive perspective? Are you interested in seeing how wheel-to-wheel road racing (sports cars or open wheel) fits into your current or future plans? Or are you an experienced club racer new to the region? Lime Rock Park is home to a few different road racing schools, and a similar number of club racing and “arrive and drive series” organizations. If you’re a beginner, start where the pros start: at a racing school! If you’ve completed a racing school and want to compete with a car you plan to build, buy or already own, there are club racing organizations that we can connect you with. If you just want to show up and race, we will introduce you to “Arrive and Drive” race series that offer you exactly that opportunity.
Check out the opportunities for you to start on the path of becoming a trained racing driver and how you can go racing after you are.
So you see, it’s not as difficult as you might think to experience the thrill of driving Lime Rock Park. After you do, be sure to tell us what it was like!

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