2020 Sunday in the Park Class Groupings

The Sunday in the Park Concours and Gathering of the Marques, part of Historic Festival 38, will be held on Sunday, Sept. 6, 2020. For more information, visit http://limerock.com/historicfestivalsunday.

In keeping with the optimism for this year’s 38th Historic Festival weekend, Sunday in the Park Concours is being redesigned around a refined set of classes (below) that maintains a focus on interesting classic, sports and racing cars, but, in keeping with our new and altered times, adds some additional classes, including a class for classic camping trailers – the ideal solution for social distancing.

The Concours will feature “either side of the ponds” with classes for French cars and for the Datsun/Nissan Z-cars honoring the 240Z’s 50th anniversary. We’ll again have a class for unrestored and preserved cars. Finally, and most importantly, in honor of all those that have done so much to keep us safe during these challenging times, the event will have a special exhibit of fire, police and emergency vehicles.

For the Concours specifically, a peer judging approach will be used, whereby the Best in Class and supplemental awards are determined by the members of each class, allowing us to maintain the spirit of fair competition while simplifying the judging process. We will maintain, however, our tradition of individual special awards for vehicles of unique interest, history or beauty, which will be determined by Chief Judge Bill Scheffler and colleagues on the field that day.

For this year only, the usual “skip a year” requirement will be dropped, which will bring back some of the memorable cars that were on the field in 2019.

For the Gathering of the Marques, we will be working with each of the individual exhibitors and clubs to make sure that we have provided adequate space for them around the track. We recognize that many of you won’t have had much, if any, chance to experience that special enthusiasm that comes from the interaction of great cars and their owners, but safety is our number one priority.

Please stay tuned for regular updates on the status of Sunday in the Park as conditions dictate. In the meantime, the success of our event will largely depend on participation, so please get your entries into us as soon as possible.


We look forward to seeing you in September! 

Concours d'Elegance Groups

Special Exhibit:
• Vintage First Responder Vehicles
• Fire engines
• Ambulances
• Police Cars
• Interesting other types of public service vehicles

GROUP A: Crank, Button or Key
A1 Don’t Make ‘em Like They Used To: European and American Prewar Classics
GROUP B: Either Side of the Ponds
B1 Les Belles Voitures: French cars from 1919

B2 A Sun Rises in the Pacific: Datsun / Nissan Z-cars

GROUP C: Tarmac Terrors

C1 Speed Machines: Competition cars and “Specials”
C2 Race on Saturday, Win on Sunday: Saturday afternoon race winners displayed and awarded

C3 Pick of the Paddock, Vehicles that make an appearance on Sunday that are racing during the weekend

GROUP D: Perfection in Personal Transportation

D1 Postwar Renaissance: Open and Closed American Cars to 1980
D2 Style and Speed: European Sports and GT cars to 1980

D3 Top Down, Fun Up: Open European Cars to 1980
D4 Continental Taste: Closed European Cars to 1980
GROUP E: Hidden, Neglected and Comfortable

E1 As Found: Untouched / preserved originals and barn finds to 1975

E2 Orphans, oddballs and etceterini: rare, low-production and otherwise lesser-known marques to 1975

E2 Distancing – at a distance: Vintage travel trailers and campers

GROUP F: Boots and Leather

F1 On Two Wheels: Motorcycles, Street and Racing, all years


Gathering of the Marques Groups 

♦ Electric Cars
♦ Rolls Royce & Bentley
♦ Mercedes-Benz
♦ Caffeine and Carburetors
♦ Gullwing Group
♦ Italian Marques
♦ Ferrari Club 
♦ Driving Force Club
♦ Hayfields Touring Group
♦ Miller Motorcars
♦ Ford + Related Brands
♦ Chrysler + Related Brands
♦ BMW 2002
♦ Miata
♦ Volkswagen
♦ Audi
♦ Volvo & Saab
♦ Viper
♦ General Motors + Related Brands
♦ Japanese Marques
♦ Citroen
♦ French Marques
♦ British Marques
♦ Porsche
♦ Silver Birch Car Club

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