2020 Sunday in the Park Class Groupings

The Historic Festival 38 Sunday in the Park Concours and Gathering of the Marques will be held on Sunday, Sept. 6. For 2020. This year's event is shaping up to be one of the best yet with the Concours honoring German marques in addition to other classes. The Honored Collector, who will be announced soon, will be sharing some of his rare and special German machines. Below, you'll find this years Concours Class Groupings. For more information about the event, visit http://limerock.com/historicfestivalsunday.

Concours d'Elegance Groups

Kraft mit Präzision und Stil: The best of German automaking
S1  Mercedes Prewar and Postwar (to 1990)
S2  Porsche 356
S3  Porsche 911 (to 1998)
S4  Porsche 914, 924/944 and 928
S5  Porsche Competition (all years)
S6  BMW Prewar and Postwar (to 1990) 
S7  Audi, NSU, Opel and other German brands

A1  The Pioneers: Pre-1921 Open and Closed Cars
A2  Don’t Make ‘em Like They Used To: Open and Closed Classics to 1945

B1  Speed Machines: Competition cars and “Specials”  
B2  Growing Up and Going Fast: Postwar GT cars to 1975 (later vehicles to be considered based on submissions)
B3  Speed and Agility: Sports cars to 1975 (later vehicles to be considered based on submissions)
B4  Supercars: Supercars, all years, open and closed

C1  Les Belles Voitures: French cars from 1919
C2  From East to West: Japanese Sporting and GT cars to 1990

D1  Postwar Renaissance: Open American Classics 1945 to 1975
D2  Style, Comfort and Pace: American and International Coupes and saloons, 1945 to 1985

E1  As Found: Untouched / preserved originals and barn finds to 1975
E2  What’s Old is New Again: Tributes, continuations and “Euro rods,” all years
E3  Garage-built Greatness: Hot Rods and Customs, all years
E4  Power and Thunder: American Musclecars, 1955 to 1980

F1  On Two Wheels: Motorcycles, Street and Racing, all years

G1  Race on Saturday, Win on Sunday: Saturday afternoon race winners displayed and awarded
G2  Pick of the Paddock, Vehicles that make an appearance on Sunday that are racing during the weekend

H1 A Sun Rises in the Pacific: Datsun / Nissan Z-cars (240Z - 350Z), including competition examples

Gathering of the Marques Groups 

♦ Electric Cars
♦ Rolls Royce & Bentley
♦ Mercedes-Benz
♦ Caffeine and Carburetors
♦ Gullwing Group
♦ Italian Marques
♦ Ferrari Club 
♦ Driving Force Club
♦ Hayfields Touring Group
♦ Miller Motorcars
♦ Ford + Related Brands
♦ Chrysler + Related Brands
♦ BMW 2002
♦ Miata
♦ Volkswagen
♦ Audi
♦ Volvo & Saab
♦ Viper
♦ General Motors + Related Brands
♦ Japanese Marques
♦ Citroen
♦ French Marques
♦ British Marques
♦ Porsche
♦ Silver Birch Car Club

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