Lime Rock Weather

Fall is such a gorgeous time to explore Northwest Connecticut. The leaves on the trees are turning and the farms that dot the surrounding countryside are preparing for harvest. Get the full forecast for Lakeville, Connecticut (Zip: 06039) at The Weather Channel or your preferred provider. 

What's on the Autocross

The Autocross is filled with activity and opportunities to get on track. Summer Autocross Days are going on now. It's time for you to see what the buzz is about and experience one of the Autocross Lapping Days and Advanced Driver Coaching events. Visit the Programs for Individuals Page for details.



What's on the Track

The season is in full swing with plenty of upcoming on-track programs to watch and participate in. View the full Calendar and check out the Programs for Individuals page for additional options for driving at Lime Rock Park. Plus, don't miss out on this year's Major Spectator Events.

In the Racing World

►The IMSA Northeast Grand Prix is happening on July 19 & 20, 2019, at Lime Rock Park. ►Historic Festival 37 is the place to be for vintage and historic race and sports cars. Join the action over Labor Day Weekend.

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