Track Days on the 1.5-mile Road Course

Track Days: What, How and When

If you’re an aspiring track day hobbyist, the first question you will ask is usually, “How do I get on track?” Or if you’re an experienced track day participant, “What groups run track days at Lime Rock?” This page will answer both of those questions.
Are you a gift-giver looking for a special experience for your sports-car-owning, track-day-loving significant other? Or are you an experienced track day hobbyists looking for the best track day environment available? Considering signing up for a track day with (or becoming a member of) the private driving club started by Lime Rock Park President and Owner Skip Barber as a home for devout track day and sports car racing hobbyists - the Lime Rock Drivers Club. Lime Rock Drivers Club track days include lots of track time only sharing the track with a small number of like-minded drivers, a tasty meal in the clubhouse and your own, highly-qualified instructor for the duration of the program.

If the Lime Rock Drivers Club sounds like the right experience for you or your significant other, information on scheduling a track day, club membership and the overall LRDC experience can be found by heading here:


If you’re not quite sure what the best way forward is for you, then keep reading. We’ve split the information below into a section for beginners and intermediate drivers with all of the basics, and a second section for experienced track day participants with just the pertinent track day organization information and a link to the 2021 schedule.
Read on, or scroll down below if you’re an experienced driver…
For Beginners and Intermediate Drivers:
As a beginner, you will likely feel that the best way to start is by participating in one of Lime Rock Park’s Summer Autocross Programs on the FCP Euro Proving Grounds (you can find more information on these events by clicking here.) If you’ve already participated in one of the Autocross programs and want to move up to the 1.5-mile Road Course, or simply want to start off on the classic Lime Rock track for an added challenge, the most common opportunity for you to drive in a track day is a High Performance Driving Event (or HPDE.)
Though many will call us and ask for a “racing” opportunity, what most people are really looking to do is drive their cars in a controlled environment at speed. That is what HPDEs offer: non-competitive track sessions, usually grouped by experience level. The organizations that run HPDEs at Lime Rock vary - some are marque clubs that require membership and ownership of a certain kind of vehicle (think BMW Car Club of America, Porsche Club of America, etc.,) some are businesses that host events that anyone may purchase spots into, and others are simply regional groups of enthusiasts.
If you decide to join a marque club that has track days for its members, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to sign up for one of its sanctioned club-days at Lime Rock Park. Most clubs charge $300 to $400 for those days.
In addition to the marque clubs, there are a variety of “drivers” organizations such as EMRA and SCDA (info below) whose very raison d’etre is to get its members (or customers) on track in their street cars. As a customer, you’ll know which day or days your club has rented Lime Rock, and you will generally pay something between $350 and $800 for those days.
Among both marque and drivers clubs, many even offer track cars for rental during their events.
In either case – marque or drivers club – first-timers get instruction and “rookie orientation,” so you don’t have to fear being thrown into the deep end of the pool! You will be taught the rules and learn the fundamental techniques necessary to lap a race track safely.
Now that you’ve got that information, continue reading below for a list of the clubs that frequently run at Lime Rock with easily clickable links and contact information…
For Experienced Drivers:
The below listing includes information and websites for the organizations that frequently run HPDEs at Lime Rock Park.
Click here for Lime Rock’s 2021 calendar of events
Organizations that run HPDEs at Lime Rock Park:

Lime Rock Drivers Club (LRDC)
Marque Clubs (including specific club chapters that host HPDE days at Lime Rock where appropriate):
For Aston Martin owners - the Aston Martin Owners Club Eastern Region (AMOC)
For Audi owners - the Audi Club North America Northeast Quattro Chapter
For BMW owners - the BMW Car Club of America (BMWCCA) chapters that run at Lime Rock Park:
Connecticut Valley Chapter
Patroon Chapter (Albany and Upstate New York-based)
Boston Chapter
For Ferrari owners - Ferrari Club of America Empire Region (N.Y.-based)
For Jaguar owners - the Jaguar Club of North America Empire Division
For Porsche owners - the Porsche Club of America (PCA) chapters that run at Lime Rock Park:

Connecticut Valley Region
Hudson-Champlain Region (Eastern and Upstate NY)
Hudson Valley Region
North Country Region (New Hampshire-based)
Metro N.Y. Region
Northern N.J. Region
Non-Marque Clubs and HPDE Businesses (not limited to a particular make of vehicle):
Sports Car Driving Association (SCDA)
Eastern Motor Racing Association (EMRA)
Hooked on Driving
Apex Driving Events
National Auto Sport Association (NASA) Northeast Region

Speed Club

Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA)

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