Scottish Highland Games

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Coming this June 24, the Round Hill Highland Scottish Games & British Vehicle Gathering!

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The Round Hill Highland Games are the third oldest games of its type in the United States. Now held among the hills of Litchfield County, CT, the games are named after the original location in Greenwich, CT, at the estate of Charles A. Moore on Round Hill Road. From this beginning in 1923, the event has grown in popularity and today is held at Lime Rock Park.

Clans, athletes, bands, pipers, drummers, drum majors and dancers come from all over the country to participate - Scots and Scots-at-heart!

Our current home is in the heart of the beautiful Litchfield Hills at Lime Rock Park, in Lakeville CT.
The Games are open to the public, and are held rain or shine. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. The dedication of our many volunteers allows us to preserve this special piece of Scottish heritage


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