Lime Rock Park isn’t just for the pros. We offer a variety of ways to get on track in your own car (or a rental) throughout the year.

Getting on track at Lime Rock Park is easier than it sounds. Select a program below, which can be entered with your own car or one of our rental cars. Once you’ve selected a program & a date contact Walter Irvine, Director of Track Productions, (860.435.5000 ext. 108, to schedule a car rental for your day at Lime Rock Park.


I’ve never been on track before – what should I do?

For first timers, we’d recommend our Track Tapas or Autocross Lapping Day program listed below. These programs take place on the FCP Euro Proving Grounds in our infield. The FCP Euro Proving Grounds are a half-mile permanently paved autocross course with plenty of runoff to allow you to explore your limits. Scroll below to learn more.


Getting on the Road Course

Once you’ve run one of those programs & get hooked like the rest of us, there are plenty of options to get out on Lime Rock Park’s main 1.5-mile road circuit. High Performance Driver Education (HPDE), commonly referred to as a “track day”, is your next step. Contact the Lime Rock Drivers Club to schedule your first track day. Each Lime Rock Drivers Club track day comes with a professional instructor, catered hospitality, and camaraderie unlike any club you’ve been a part of before.


In addition to the Lime Rock Drivers Club, there are a plethora of options to get on track for HPDE. Sports Car Driving Association frequently hosts HPDE events throughout our summer months. If you’d like to be amongst like-minded brand enthusiasts, marque clubs like Porsche Club of America and BMW CCA host track days throughout the summer. Take a look at the Track Calendar for all of your options.


Rent a Track-Ready Car

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is the industry-standard of performance track driving. Our Lime Rock Park Miatas are ready to tackle the FCP Euro Proving Grounds for your Autocross or Track Tapas program, or the main Lime Rock Park circuit for an HPDE. We also offer a variety of exotic cars available to rent — inventory is limited & dependent on date selected. Contact Walter Irvine (860.435.5000 ext. 108, to schedule a car rental.

Once you’ve selected a program & a date contact Walter Irvine, Director of Track Productions, (860.435.5000 ext. 108, to schedule a car rental for your day at Lime Rock Park.

Exotic car rental prices are dependent on the specific model available/selected. MX-5 rental pricing is as follows

1 hour: $420

1/2 day (4 hours): $1,400

Full day (8 hours): $1,750


I Have A Car and Racing License, Can I Test My Car?

Lime Rock Park offers a number of “Test & Tune” days for licensing drivers with compliant race cars. Visit the Testing Days page to learn more about testing your race car at Lime Rock Park.


Track Tapas

A two-hour program that allows participants the opportunity to experience both the FCP Euro Proving Grounds and the 1.5-mile road racing course in their own car.


  • Any car or truck type accepted
  • Small group sizes (10 per group)
  • Group and one-on-one education
  • On-track, lead-follow instruction
  • $195 per person

Autocross Lapping Days

Drive your street car, racecar or rented vehicle on the FCP Euro Proving Grounds in our Summer Autocross program.


  • .52-mile track (not cones in a parking lot) that can be run in seven different configurations
  • Smooth grass surrounds the course so drivers are able to explore the limit
  • Programs for all experience levels starting at $275
  • Set a top time in our LIQUI MOLY Summer Autocross Series to be invited back for the LIQUI MOLY Autocross Invitational Shootout!

HPDE – Lime Rock Drivers Club

Today’s high-end sports cars are so good, so capable, there is simply no way to explore their limits on the street. Owners of such cars find it awfully hard to resist the opportunity to drive them as they’re meant to be driven. And almost equally importantly, when they want to. That’s what the Lime Rock Drivers Club is all about. Click the link below to learn more scheduling a track day with the Lime Rock Drivers Club.

HPDE – General

Check the Track Calendar at the link below to see what organizations are scheduled to run at Lime Rock Park. Each group’s listing should contain a link where you can find more information about their program, including registration. Please contact the group directly with any questions about their specific event.