Resources for the working press

We value our media coverage and are here to help members of the working media to get the most from their Lime Rock Park assignment.

Lime Rock Park encourages press coverage of all the various aspects of the facility, from its major racing events to its driving opportunities and catering. We also welcome media to utilize the Park for their own events and programs. Please let us know how we can facilitate your needs.


All members of the media will need to request a credential for any major event held at Lime Rock Park.

Media members planning to attend two or more events in 2024 should fill out an application for an Annual Hard Card by April 28.
To apply for individual credentials, click each event to apply:


For any media inquiries, please contact:

Amy Greenway
497 Lime Rock Road, Lakeville, Conn. 06039
phone: 860.435.5000
fax: 860.435.5010



Journalist who wish to publish content about Lime Rock Park not related to a track or vendor event are welcome to contact the Press Department to discuss their assignment and to schedule their visit. To use the track for purposes of photography or videography, a discounted rental fee and on-site safety/emergency services fees may apply if your project is approved. You will be asked to fill out a form detailing your track usage request before the project can be discussed.

To request a Media Use Request Form, email Dylan at



Please deliver advertising and marketing-based communications to Lime Rock Park’s Marketing Department by emailing Jamie Kistner at