Summer Autocross Is Your Passport To Fun

Enjoy all the thrills of high performance driving with less of the risk by participating in Summer Autocross on the FCP Euro Proving Grounds at Lime Rock Park.

Lime Rock Park offers easy-to-join programs to drive your street car, racecar or rented vehicle on our FCP Euro Proving Grounds that are specifically designed to test your car control limits with very low risk.

We offer programs for drivers of all experience levels starting at just $325.

Autocross Lapping Day: $325 registration fee per driver, with max enrollment of 25 drivers led by three professional instructors. Set your best time in the 2022 LIQUI MOLY Summer Autocross Series!

Advanced Driver Coaching: $550 registration fee per driver, with max enrollment of 16 drivers led by five professional track Driving and Racing Coaches.

Program Details

Autocross Lapping Day

An Autocross Lapping Days is four and a half to five hours of fun for individuals or groups looking to drive their own car (most participants use their street car) in a performance setting with minimal investment.

  • $325 registration fee per driver, with max enrollment of 25 drivers
  • Led by 3 professional Instructors to keep the event running smoothly and provide
    driving feedback when needed.

This program is for you if you’re looking for:

  • An abundance of driving time in a run-group format that is conducive to drivers of all skill levels
  • The fewest obstacles and smallest time investment to participate in a performance driving event
  • Affordable, entry-level price point that is a bargain for the driving time provided. You’ll go home tired, but with a smile on your face!
  • Competition! All Autocross Lapping Day participants are entered into the LIQUI MOLY Summer Autocross Series.
  • The top 30 participants will be invited back for the LIQUI MOLY Autocross Invitational Shootout on the FCP Euro Proving Grounds.

Advanced Driver Coaching

The Advanced Driver Coaching program is four and half to five hours long for experienced track drivers and enthusiasts looking to get more out of their own abilities in their own vehicle (race car or street car). This program is ideal preparation for casual or competitive performance driving events. Take advantage of the FCP Euro Proving Grounds, including the 300-foot diameter skid pad, to get maximum training time on the way to improving lap times, car feel and competitiveness.

  • $550 registration fee per driver, with max enrollment of 16 drivers
  • Led by five professional track driving and racing coaches
  • Skid pad sessions include use of a Lime Rock Park-provided Mazda MX-5 to prevent excessive wear and tear on personal vehicles
  • Sessions generally take place during unmuffled Tuesdays, so as not to compete for time with track days or race weekends

This program is for you if you’re looking for:

  • A substantial amount of time driving with pro coaches on a course designed to develop driver skills
  • Curriculum that allows for repetitive technique development and intensive skill building
  • Exercises focused on precision car control development on the skid pad
  • Un-muffled dates allow for amateur racers to receive feedback specific to their racecar
  • A stupendous value when compared to cost of private coaching and skid pad rental

Essentials for all programs:

  • Drivers must be licensed
  • Cars must conform to Lime Rock noise regulations for the date of the program (ask if unsure)
  • Thin soled shoes recommended
  • Compressed air available on site
  • Dates run rain or shine

Cancellation Policy:

72 Hour Cancellation Policy – Participants can cancel or switch their date for another date at no charge as long as it is at least 72 hours before their scheduled event. After the 72 hour window passes, participants will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.